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Learning from expert traders is the best way to graduate from being a novice trader

I started trading back in 1999 and I still remember the days when I didnt think I would ever become a professional trader making money from my computer each day. It took me 2 years of solid reading, seminars, DVD's and spending time watching over the shoulders of a few very good traders.

I explored most of the financial markets learning about stocks, options, swing trading, day trading, futures and forex. After testing the waters in each area I decided to master trading ETFs using swing trading and day trading as my main source of income.

If you are just starting out you should really think about what you want to trade and your time frame. Then find a trading coach of technical analysis trading service like mine to help you learn and earn at the same time for a monthly fee. Asking questions and watching trades is the best way to learn fast.

Please download my free economic indicator guide as it will give you some information about what moves the markets. Its a small step in teh right direction.

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Over 20 economic indicators are provided in a simple 1 page chart it shows you how each of the top indicators effect the Stock Market, Bond Prices, US Dollar, and the Spot Gold Price. Knowing what each indicator effects will improve your results as an investor.

Everyone beginner trader needs this simple guide and the best part is that its FREE.

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Some of the main economic indicators for navigating the financial stock markets are Interest Rates, GDP, Unemployment Rate, Retail Sales, Industrial Production, Housing Starts, Personal Income, New Home Sales, and Business Inventories. These are just some of the main leading indicators to look at.

Novice Trader Guide


Novice traders can get professional training from market experts through attending courses, seminars, watching videos, reading books and so on. There are also many websites providing useful information to novice traders. One can subscribe to free newsletters, e-books that are available in many of these websites. Knowledge of technical analysis is one of the prerequisites for traders. The aim of technical analysis is to forecast future price movements based on an examination of past price movements. Just like weather forecasting, technical analysis does not result in absolute predictions about future stock prices. It presents a likely scenario of prices over time.

Swing Traders are people who track equities, options and future contracts on a daily basis. Some swing traders use special software for analyzing price movement of stocks on real time basis to help fine tune their trading strategy for maximum profits. Swing trading is generally the first place traders start as it provides great opportunities, does not require much capital and allows for the traders to review the charts each night.

Novice traders can take the help of experts in the field either offline or online through websites like One of the important requirements of a successful trader lies in making key decisions at the right time. While it is impossible to predict the price movement of stocks accurately on consistent basis, one can increase the probability of taking the correct decision by using tools in the form of software available and indicators. Some of the software has data bases of 10 year end-of-the-day stock prices of all the stocks traded in a particular exchange allowing you to back test your strategies but personally I don’t find it much help as the markets are always changing and you need to create a strategy which is not effected by indexes and stock prices moving out of alignment.

It should be borne in mind that novice traders are up against some of the smartest guys in Wall Street who have the knowledge, current information and deep pockets. Hence trading requires a lot of hard work coupled with persistency and determination.

A Free e-book is available for novice traders providing all the details about trading for beginners at my website

Everyone is a novice trader at one point in their life, I hope you find this handy!

To Your Financial Success,

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Helpful Tips

Impulse Phase:


During a bull market there are multiple low risk entry points for traders and investors. We call these Impulse Phases. This is a 50 EMA test with a reversal in price accompanied with our crossover indicators.