Swing Trading and Long-Term Investing Signals
– US & Canadian Based ETF’s

Active Trader & Long-Term Investor Trading Signals

I will provide you with unparalleled trading signals for both active trader and long-term investors ideas in this newsletter. All the analysis and every trade you receive in this trading newsletter is the same information I am using to trade my capital. You will receive a daily market forecast video, trade alerts, and position management details.

My ETF trading strategies are unique, because they provide low-risk investment opportunities through the use of cycles, volume and market sentiment providing balanced analysis and stunning accuracy of key tops and bottoms in advance!

This is a comprehensive “look over my shoulder” trade alert newsletter, I walk you through the entire process from my entry, to the eventual exit, keeping things as simple as possible for even the most novice trader.

Each year several big plays unfold and I am always keeping an eye on various investments to be sure will be ready to invest when the time is right. Again, I focus mostly on exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) but also cover some stocks and futures contracts.