Precious Metals Trades

Precious metals are starting another bull market rally. Investing in gold, silver and mining stocks is where we will make the most money in 2014. Metals like palladium, copper and more will also be traded.

Energy & Sector Trades

Energies like crude oil and natural gas provide several great opportunities each year. Other commodities and sectors like coffee, sugar, solar, transports etc… are traded when opportunities present themselves.

Global Index Trades

Index trading the SP500, Dow, NASDAQ, Russell 2K, and Emerging Markets provides stability and diversification within our portfolio. Trade larger position sizes and trade rising and falling market conditions.

Stock & ETF Portfolio

The model ETF portfolio is built for growth. Focusing on commodities, sectors and global indexes in strong trends and using both bull and bear funds in our model ETF portfolio we can profit during rising and falling markets.


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