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The Global Economic Collapse Of 2015



It is more critical than ever in our history to hedge against economic collapse, especially this year of 2015 and the autumn of this year.

Seven experts from around the world agree with this impending collapse, and they include The Jerome Levy Forecast, John Ing, Bill Fleckenstein, Paul C. Roberts, Gerald Celente, Ron Kirby, and Jim Rickards.

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to profit and survive when a sudden economic collapse arrives in 2015. Great chaos and confusion is going to accompany the crash. There are 3 primary ways you can profit from it. One is investing into gold shares, coins and bullion. The second is investment into silver. The third is that you can diversify a percentage of your holdings into an inverse Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

When the crash occurs it will be too late to invest in the ETF market. The financial sector of the market will be virtually destroyed. Inverse ETFs , gold and silver will skyrocket to highs that you’ve never seen before.


I have not found any other books that allow the investor to safely re-balance their portfolio from their home.