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Q: What is service and who is Chris Vermeulen?


A: is owned and run by me (Chris Vermeulen) an individual active swing trading specialist. After sharing my analysis with friends, fellow traders and investors, I decided to make trading my full time job in 2003. This service was designed from the ground up to help investors who want to focus on consistent, accurate and profitable trades while learning how to read the financial market for them selves. I have been trading since 2000, fine tuning my trading strategy year after year. I continue to improve the timing, entry and exit points and explore new investments as the market evolves. My focus is on trading with the overall market trend and to spot new bull and bear markets within various sectors, indexes, commodities and currencies. My swing trades typically last between 1-6 weeks in length. But during volatile times my goal is to play the short term overbought and oversold market sentiment levels with trades lasting 1-5 days in length.

What You Get:

  • Pre-Market Analysis Videos - Every Morning
  • Daily Market & Position Updates
  • Insight on Inter-Market Relationships
  • Index and Sector Analysis
  • Commodity and Currency Analysis
  • ETF & Stock Watchlist
  • Investment & Trade Ideas
  • Detailed Trade Alerts (Entry & Exits)
  • Weekend Market Forecast Report
  • FREE Real-Time Charting

This material should not be considered investment advice. Technical Traders Ltd. and its staff are not a registered investment advisors. Under no circumstances should any content from this website, articles, videos, seminars or emails from Technical Traders Ltd. or its affiliates be used or interpreted as a recommendation to buy or sell any type of security or commodity contract.
Our advice is not tailored to the needs of any subscriber so go talk with your investment advisor before making trading decisions This information is for educational purposes only.

Q: Do members learn the trading strategy?


A: Some members just want my market analysis and forecasts while others want to learn everything they can and follow my investment ideas as I navigate the market. To be honest, the strategy is very simple. Through my trading videos, charts, updates and investment ideas, you will learn my strategy over time and apply the rules to your own investment ideas.

Q: How easy is it to find a low risk trade setup?

A: I generally look at my charts and within 10 minutes know what to do -- either stay in cash, enter a position, adjust my stop, take partial profits or exit a position. Keep in mine trading is not about always being involved in the market. Its about waiting for the right opportunities to unfold, then entring a calculated position and actively managing it.

Q: What is an exchange traded funds (ETF's)?


A: An ETF fund trades the same as individual stocks allowing you to trade them during normal market hours and in pre market and after hours trading. These fund allows us to take advantage of sectors, indexes commodities, currencies, countries and bonds through a simple invesment which trade like a stock.

Q: What are Golden Rockets?


A: Golden Rockets are stocks/ETFs that look ready for a large moves of 25% or greater. While these do not happen often, I do keep tabs on stocks during major market buy and sell signals. When I have spotted a Rocket I will send a special research report to members with my outlook.

Q: How often do you have investment ideas?


A: Generally I have 25-50 ideas a year. This is one reason why I like my strategy so much. I focus on making 3-6% profit on each trade on average. I provide my investment ideas for a variety of ETFs for indexes, sectors, and commodities.

Q: Which investing / trading ideas provide the most profit potential?


A: I provide a wide range of trades through tne use of ETF's. Precious metals, oil, natural gas, indexes, sectors, currency and country specific. I provide both US based and Canadian ETF's for each trade setup when both are available.

Q: How do you provide your investment ideas?


A: My investment ideas and research are posted in the Members Area and sent via email newsletter in real-time. I try to update once or twice a day if the market is moving fast to stay in touch and keep you connected to the market.

Q: Do you trade our money for us?


A: Sorry, I do not manage client's money as I am not a registered investment advisor. But my service makes it simple to follow.

Q: Do you sell clients email address and other personal information?


A: No, I do not share your personal information with other sites, or services.

Q: Are the membership payments reoccurring?

A: Yes, all of the memberships are reoccurring for your convenience. All memberships can be cancelled by simply sending me an email. Subscription will be billed to your credit card by Technical Traders Ltd., ensuring uninterrupted service until cancelled.

Q: What if my membership did not automatically renew or I have no active subscription?


A. If your membership renewal did not renew it is most likely because your billing information changed or the credit card company or bank denied payment. Simple click the "Add/Renew Subscription" tab from within the members area and rejoin the service of your choice.

If you have a question related to how this newsletter works please send me an email.