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The intent of this content is to demonstrate some samples of what you get on a daily and weekly basis. Of course, there is much more for actual subscribers than I can package in this free section. Particularly because when you recieve my trading analysis as the market unfolds a connection between you and the market is made allowing you to actually feel the pulse (fear/greed) running through the average investor which just cannot be simulated in delayed content like the samples below.

Use the below as a sampler- a modest taste of the larger experience in being an actual subscriber. If you like what you see in these examples, then start taking advantage of my newsletter and experience all of this and more in real-time.

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Weekly Educational Videos Pre-Market Analysis Videos - Every Morning: Video learning has proven to be the best medium for educating and that is what we provide you with each week. These are highly valued and educational sessions, rarely seen in any competitor offerings.
Sample Video

sample Sample Recommendation Investment Ideas : Look over my shoulder and follow what I am investing in each month. You will see my Entry prices, Open Position Updates, Protective Stops, Price Targets, accompanied with educational chart analysis. Research and investment ideas are delivered via email newsletter, and posted in the members area.
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sample Sample Intrday Report

Daily Intraday Commentary: At least one- but sometimes 2-3 of these are created every day, conveying my views on what is going on during the session. These are always educational in that they give you a feel for what is on my mind based on price and volume action and investor sentiment.
Sample Update

Biweekly Educational Reports Weekend Market Forecast Report: Every weekend you will receive a detailed market report keeping you up to speed on the current trends, sentiment levels, open positions new trade ideas.
Sample #1,
Sample #2

Again, if you like what you see above, you'll absolutely love getting up-to-date versions of all of those and much more delivered in real-time, addressing prime opportunities in the markets that are unfolding right now. So why not give TheGoldAndOilGuy a try with the best actionable investment ideas available. Do it. You'll be glad you did.

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