Investing in bullion

How to Invest in Bullion

I learned how to bullion 2004. You can see my most recent charts which cover gold, and silver bullion by clicking the link below.

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The Basics of Investing in Bullion

The fascination for precious metals like gold and silver has been there among mankind since time immemorial. It is not only because of their superior metallurgical properties and wide application but also because investing in bullion is considered as hedge against economic uncertainty. Investors have traditionally flocked to gold, silver and other precious metals whenever bank interest rates have fallen drastically to negative values, wars, bank failures and other major national crises. The fact that the price of gold has nearly tripled since 2001 indicates that its worthiness as investment.

Investing in bullion can be done directly through purchase of gold coins, bars etc or indirectly through derivatives, shares of gold mining companies, and more recently gold exchange traded funds. The latter are shares issued by the fund managers that reflect the price of gold stored by Gold ETF as bars. The holders of these shares can benefit from the growth of the industry without actually having to stock gold themselves.

As with stocks, investors in gold perform fundamental as well as technical analysis to decide on the timing of their investment. Fundamental analysis in gold relates to analyzing the macroeconomic situation like inflation, GDP growth rate, interest rates, energy prices etc. as well as the supply and demand. Organizations like the World Gold Council periodically give out statistics regarding gold production and estimated demand. But the supply-demand situation changes rapidly due to various external factors. Technical analysis involves monitoring the price patterns, the moving averages, market trends etc. Elaborate tools are available for performing technical analysis of the price movements and speculate on the future price. Investors in gold bullion unfamiliar with the nuances of technical and fundamental analysis can seek expert’s guidance in the form of gold investment consultants.

Gold bullion investing is made easy by following the timely advice of gold investing consultants. They help investors in deciding which gold stock or gold ETF fund to buy and when. One can rejig his / her gold portfolio; decide on which stocks to sell and make profit, and which ones to buy and get personalized advice.

Websites like send out newsletters periodically to subscribers with information providing bullion trading signals, bullion charts, analysis of price movements etc. There are charts tracking the movement prices of ETFs on gold, silver etc. like the streetTracks gold trust shares as well as inter market analysis available through the website. The latter studies the effect of one market over the other which leads to evolving an accurate trading model. In short all the necessary tools for gold bullion investing are provided in the website. Investors in bullion can benefit from the reports containing detailed charts with support and resistance levels, long term and short term trends, protective stop losses and buy, sell and profit taking zones sent through the newsletters. Further the investor’s current portfolio of gold stocks will be analyzed in detail and personalized individual guidance will be provided. You can get advice from North America’s leading gold consultant.

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Some of the main economic indicators for navigating the financial stock markets are Interest Rates, GDP, Unemployment Rate, Retail Sales, Industrial Production, Housing Starts, Personal Income, New Home Sales, and Business Inventories. These are just some of the main leading indicators to look at.

Investing in Bullion

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Investing in Bullion

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Bull CrossOver:


A Bull CrossOver is when the 50 moving average crosses above the 200 day average. This crossover helps indicate if we should see higher prices overall.