• XLU and TLT suggest that interest rates are going down February 7, 2016
    After a gap in time of almost a decade the FED increased interest rates on December 16th, 2015,. The SPX has a one day bounce from the news on the day of the announcement, then it turned negative and since that time the index plumeded 13%. The markets, which were rising, due to the low-interest-rate […]
    A preview of this weekend’s show The Gold and Oil Guy, Chris Vermeulen provides his outlook on gold. For the full interview on the weekend show we also cover the movements in the oil price. LISTEN NOW: http://www.kereport.com/2016/02/04/gold-promising-expect-straight-run/ The post GOLD IS LOOKING PROMISING BUT DON’T EXPECT A STRAIGHT UP RUN appeared first on Stock & […]
  • People Over Eager to Buy Energy Stocks February 3, 2016
    Are you getting excited to buy oil stocks? you may want to think twice because the bottom may be in for oil but that is only the beginning of the bloodbath that is in-store… The post People Over Eager to Buy Energy Stocks appeared first on Stock & ETF Forecasts and Trading Signals.
  • Seasonality Is Out of Season February 3, 2016
    A “rally” attempt is underway. Stocks are continuing to rebound and all is well with the World?  Or is it?  With each passing day, the United States plummets deeper and deeper into a “black hole” of debt, of which it will be almost impossible to repay. At the time, of this writing the national debt is $18,939,663,109,937! […]
  • If You Have A Sweet Tooth For Trading Its Pay Day! January 29, 2016
    On Wednesday Jan 27th I wrote an article that gave you a picture perfect trade setup. The trade is on sugar or the SGG sugar ETF. As of this writing sugar is now over 10% in our favor from the original entry and trading at short term support. This is a critical level to lock […]
  • The Sweet Holiday Trade Is In Play & In The Money! January 27, 2016
    As traders we are always on the hunt for new trade ideas poised and ready for big moves. And back on Dec 17th 2015 I shared a sweet trade idea publicly on my blog and other financial websites. If you want so see much more detailed charts and analysis from Dec 17th visit my blog […]
  • A Bear Market Rally or the Resumption of the Bull Market? January 26, 2016
    January was the worst start of a New Year in the history of the US stock market. Last week was one of the most intriguing weeks in global equity markets ever. As the week got started, there was a powerful sense of foreboding that stock markets around the globe were going to crash. Last Wednesday, […]
  • I’m on the Weekend Korelin Economics Radio Show! January 25, 2016
    Here is a 1 hour radio show I was part of this weekend. You will see on the webpage the full “Hour 1″ show audio option at the top, if you just want to listen to my section listen to “Segment 8″ which is 10 minutes. http://www.kereport.com/2016/01/23/trends-markets-hour-2/ The post I’m on the Weekend Korelin Economics Radio […]
  • Leading indicator “Bonds” Suggests More Time before Crash Occurs January 24, 2016
    Every crash was preceded with the 10 year minus the 3 month Bond Yields dropping towards the zero line. Although the equity markets have crashed, the bond markets are still not displaying any signs of panic. This tells us the market must continue to fall until the percent return is around the zero mark. Thinking […]
  • How To Know Where The Next Market Top Or Bottom Is For SP500 Index January 22, 2016
    IMPORTANT: 1. Make sure to have 24 hour trading showing so you see pre and post market trading. 2. Be sure to turn off any price spike filters, you want to see these random price spikes 3. Some data feeds filter out random spikes, so if you can’t see them you are SOL – sorry Updated […]