• Lost Treasures of Quebec waiting to be Discovered in the “Eldorado of Canada” September 1, 2015
    A few weeks ago I shared some information about Golden Hope Mines which is a small company I recently purchased shares in. They have been active in the Beauce Region and have been very successful with their Bellechasse-Timmins Deposit and Champagne zone. Now Golden Hope is in the gestation stage for the next epoch of […]
  • Round Two Of Global Melt Down – Watch This Unfold… September 1, 2015
    Within the United States, the US Federal Government and The US Federal Reserve Bank interventions have failed.   These manipulations, by the central bank, in order to maintain the current stock bubble, and the real estate bubble, are currently reflecting the acts of failed monetary and fiscal policies, as we are presently experiencing. The reality is that the US economy has already […]
  • Your Stock Market Trend & Trade Signal Of the Decade August 27, 2015
    U.S. stocks closed lower Tuesday after a failed attempt to rally from the Dow’s worst 3-day point decline. It’s something I have not seen since the 2008 GLOBAL financial crisis. The market had its first rally of the downtrend yesterday but it would be a BIG mistake to get bullish for new long-term investments at this […]
  • How to approach the equities market – Audio Interview August 25, 2015
    I was just interviewed by Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network and I share some critical information for both traders and investors. This is a very short interview to give it a quick listen. Listen Now: http://financialsurvivalnetwork.com/2015/08/chris-vermeulen-market-update-from-the-gold-and-oil-guy/​ Chris Vermeulen The post How to approach the equities market – Audio Interview appeared first on Gold Forecast […]
  • Global Sell Off Has Technically Begun August 25, 2015
    The crisis of the global financial markets, that so many have been fearing, looks as though it has arrived. The importance of the Chinese devaluing their Yuan is effectively starting the process of “de-pegging” its’ relationship to the U.S. Dollar.   The change in policy is likely to have unintended consequences which are leading to new […]
  • Week of Aug 24th Forecast – Gold, Oil, Equities August 21, 2015
    The post Week of Aug 24th Forecast – Gold, Oil, Equities appeared first on Gold Forecast - Silver Forecast - ETF Trading Strategies - ETF Trading Newsletter.
  • The Global Economy’s Health Is Not That Complicated August 20, 2015
    The Federal Reserve Bank has printed trillions of dollars to monetize US government debt just to keep the government afloat.  Any significant rise in interest rates will probably decimate US government finances, the fragile housing market and in the bond market it will cause a financial catastrophe through interest rate derivatives.   This is a solid reason […]
  • Some good news and not so good news… August 18, 2015
    Since we started sharing the new and improved algorithmic trading systems (S10 and D30) a few weeks ago we have received a lot of great feedback and demand.   We do have more good and some not so good news…   The good news is that the system kick started the week once again with positive […]
  • China’s Plunging Currency and What Impact It Left on the United States and the US Stock Market August 18, 2015
    Last Tuesday, the 11th of August, the central bank of China devalued the Chinese currency, i.e. the Renminbi (or yuan), against the US dollar by nearly 2%, making it one of the biggest moves ever since the Chinese currency announced that it was de-pegging from the US currency back in 2005. The reason behind the Chinese […]
  • Global Markets and Dow Jones Fire Warning Shot Across Investors Bow! August 17, 2015
    Last week, the global equity markets were quite undecided. China’s and Japan’s equity prices have been moving higher. The Japanese Nikkei reached its highest level since 1996 on Tuesday, August 11th, but then pulled back at the end of the week. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng made a new monthly low and the Australian Market fell to a new […]