• Market Gives Spike Trading Signals October 20, 2016
    Last week the market sent us one of those special price spikes and member took full advantage of it for some quick and easy profits. Spike Alert Chart Next Day Spike Target Reached GET THESE SPIKE ALERTS: CLICK HERE The post Market Gives Spike Trading Signals appeared first on ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long […]
  • Is The Fed Delaying The Day Of Reckoning? October 11, 2016
    The FED and the Corporate World understand that there is NO economic recovery. They need to keep feeding this ‘bull market’ with plenty of accommodative easing or this ‘bull’ will die.  The FED will do whatever it takes to maintain this by cutting rates to near zero and below so as to spruce up the […]
  • Are U.S Banks Safer Today Than They Were In 2008? October 11, 2016
    Although the seeds of the 2008 ‘financial crisis’ were sown at a  much earlier period of time, the banking institutions continued to reap the benefits of ‘easy money’ until the financial crisis of 2008 negatively impacted the economy. The damage would have been much larger had U.S. taxpayer’s money not been used to bail out […]
  • This Weeks Market Forecast October 9, 2016
    The post This Weeks Market Forecast appeared first on ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long Term Investing Signals.
  • Gold Vultures Circling as Panic Selling Takes Place October 9, 2016
    The post Gold Vultures Circling as Panic Selling Takes Place appeared first on ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long Term Investing Signals.
  • Season of Falling Prices and Percent Index Proves It! October 5, 2016
    It’s a knows fact that Sept and October are typically weak times for US stocks. Going back 37 years shows us the tendency for investors to sell and rebalance their portfolios to try and perform better during the final quarter. But that’s not really the point of this article. The chart below shows a comparison […]
  • The Next Financial Crisis Will Come from Europe! October 4, 2016
    A financial system stability assessment report, from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), on one bank in Europe identified Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: DB), as the TOP bank that poses the greatest systemic risk to the global financial system. Systemic risk was identified as a major contributing factor in the ‘financial crisis’ of 2008. This is […]
  • Massive Chinese debt and why they are on a gold buying binge! September 28, 2016
    China’s debt is a staggering $24 trillion with 247% of annual GDP as of last year, which is, in fact, an increase of an astounding 465%, within a decade. The total borrowing, by both the financial and non-financial sectors, was only 78% of the GDP in 2007 and has since increased to 309% of GDP, […]
  • FED Goes from ZIRP to NIRP! September 28, 2016
    The FED has not followed through on their numerous promises of a rate increase that Yellen and other FED officials have made over the past several years. She spoke about purchasing assets of private companies and also mentioned that the FED could modify its inflation target. Investors will most likely purchase shares in companies whose […]
  • Clear and Present Danger! September 23, 2016
    The cycle since 2009 has been different from other market cycles, throughout history, in only one significant manner. That having been said, it is the Global Central Banks that have intentionally pushed interest rates to zero and below. This encouraged investors to speculate in the equity markets which have now become ‘dangerously overvalued, overbought, as […]