• The Power of Price Spikes On Intraday Charts August 29, 2016
    Last week ended on a very positive note for those who follow and trade filtered price spikes. What is a filtered price spike? In short, I scan pre-market, and post-market trading hours’ price charts of SPY, QQQ, IWM, GLD, and GDX for a very special odd tick in the market which creates a spike on […]
  • How Extreme Oversold Markets Can Be Profitable August 26, 2016
    The trading week was starting to look as though it was going to end without any excitement. Wow, did that ever change on Friday! On Wednesday Aug 24th, the stock market sold off to a level which I consider to be an extreme oversold condition for the week. While I do have several criteria as […]
  • Stock Market Is Crazy and Crazy Means Opportunity August 25, 2016
    The SPX has completed its’ “Broadening Topping Pattern” …the next trend is DOWNWARDS! The current pattern is suggesting that a significant top is at hand. I fully believe both in patterns and indicators and right now the current pattern is suggesting that a significant top is at hand. My cycles are suggesting a potential “Black […]
  • Black Friday Anniversary In The Markets August 25, 2016
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  • The World’s Monetary System Is Broken & Costing Overseas Business August 24, 2016
    Low and negative yields mean that no one has the confidence to invest in real capital projects. Investors would much rather lose money over a 10-year horizon than invest in building dams, repairing pipes, creating better grids, starting new businesses, etc. A new monetary order must replace the existing one, and as soon as possible. […]
  • How to Spot an Oversold Stock Market August 22, 2016
    All traders have found their own mix of technical analysis indicators and price action which they feel provides them with a good feel for when the stock market is oversold and overbought. Let’s face it, as traders, we see the market is a different way and its limitless as to how we can trade each […]
  • China Announces New Loan In International Reserve Asset…Which May Affect Gold Price August 20, 2016
    The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has received approval from the World Bank allowing its’ issuance of bonds which are denominated in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). The World Bank is the first entity to approve of it and consequently marks the launch of the SDR bond market of the worlds’ second-largest economy. Jim Yong Kim, The World […]
  • Will the Bubble Pop Regardless if the FED Never Raises Rates? August 19, 2016
    The current overall SPX pattern is a broadening top, which is usually a very reliable pattern.  The market continues to look as though it wants to go even lower. The momentum shift, which I have been expecting, has been slow to start, however one should be prepared for this occurrence ahead of time. Nevertheless, the large divergences […]
  • Silver Miners Will Outperform Silver Price In The Forthcoming Bull Run! August 17, 2016
    Despite the expectations of a rate hike by the Fed in December of 2016, silver has remained close to its highs (as shown in the chart below).  After a stellar run, the white metal is consolidating near its highs, while anticipating its next imminent breakout. Along with investing in the white metal directly, investors should […]
  • The Financial Winter Is Nearing August 16, 2016
    Nature functions in cycles. Each 24-hour period can be divided into smaller cycles of morning, afternoon, evening, and night. The whole year can be divided into seasonal cycles. Similarly, one’s life can also be divided into cycles. Cycles are abundant in nature – we just have to spot them, understand them, and be prepared for them, […]