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Now is your chance to Profit from Gold’s next Explosive move

Right Now the first wave of gold investors are locking in profits. Many of them are looking at the recent price action and thinking that gold has had its run. Insider analysts are expecting the price of gold to surge past $1,100 in the short term, on its way to $2200. In 1980 the price of gold hit $2,200 in today’s dollars. In fact, it spent five years trading above $750 in the early 1980s.

Huge gains are waiting for investors and traders who know the crucial keys to capturing those explosive moves using the gold guide..


I hope you find the gold guide handy!

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Chris Vermeulen - Gold Guide

Helpful Tips

Funds vs Stocks:


Trading Funds provide several advantages over stocks. Stocks are volatile adding higher levels of risk and stress. They also require constant observation as they can be affected by corporate news causing violent swings. And traders are not fully diversified if they trade individual stocks. Funds on the other hand provide a simple, low risk trading vehicle providing consistent opportunities as well as providing diversification to ones portfolio.