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Get Stock Chart Analysis on your investments and find out What YOUR Investments are Doing?

Investment Consulting - Chris Vermeulen publishes on several popular investment websites like Gold-Eagle, FinancialSense, Goldseek, Futures Magazine, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Active Trader Magazine, Globe Investor Magazine and many others. He has also been recognized as an Expert in Teaching Individual Investors.

I will personally review YOUR current portfolio of stocks providing Technical Analysis on each stock, so YOU know where your investments are headed and I will provide tips to maximize your returns.

Benefits of Stock Chart Analysis:

- Find out where your portfolio is headed
- Find out which investments are holding you back
- Know when to take profits or sell
- Reduce YOUR investment stress levels

You get my Full Report sent to YOU by email, including:

* Multiple Time frame charts for each stock
* Detailed Charts with support and resistance zones
* Long and short term Trend directions
* Protective Stops for locking in profit
* Buy,Sell and profit taking zones

Now YOU can get detailed, personalized assistance from one of North America's leading stock chart analysis investment consultants.  This is the PLAN you NEED to SUCCEED!


Stock Chart Analysis


Investment Consulting - 10 Stocks

Expect 4 days for detailed reports after investment tickers.
Cost $249




Investment Consulting - 5 Stocks

Expect 3 days for detailed reports after investment tickers.
Cost $139




Investment Consulting - 1 Stock

Expect 2-3 days for detailed reports after investment tickers.
Cost $29


Helpful Tips

Corrective Phase:


During a bear market there are multiple short entry points for traders and investors. We call these Corrective Phases. This is a 50 EMA test with a price reversal accompanied with our crossover indicators.

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Having been a trader for over 20 years in futures, stocks, and options, I find Chris Vermeulen's technical analysis combined with his open and honest teaching methods to be just the ticket needed for successful profits in the market. Keep up the good work Chris. I look forward to being a subscriber for many years.
Joseph W. Moss Ph.D


“Hi Chris,
I have been enjoying your free reports you provide, in my opinion it's among the best and solid chart analysis I have seen so far and more importantly it's quality over quantity."
Ray Tsang