Trading Signals - Gold Signals, Silver Signals, Gold Bullion Signals, Precious metal signals

Trading Signals - Every trader wants consistently accurate trading signals to profit from. The problem with this is that its hard to find a service with accurate stock trend analysis that can deliver quality trading signals.

My name is Chris Vermeulen (TheGoldAndOilGuy) and my job is to provide you with only top quality gold signals, silver signals along with other precious metal signals with the least amount of risk possible.

Trading Signals I provide:

Gold Signals / Bullion Signals:

I use the best gold etf funds GLD, DGP and DZZ. These gold funds move with the price of gold and provide consistent returns each year.


Silver Signals:

The Silver Bullion ETF SLV moves with the price of silver and allows us to take advantage of the price movements to generate trading signals.


Precious Metal Signals:

I like to focus on the gold miner stocks using the fund GDX which owns only precious metal stocks and this is what gives us profitable precious metal signals.



Join my Trading Signal advisory and start consistently pulling money from the precious metals sector.

Helpful Tips

Money Management:


The key to retaining profits is entering and exiting positions when the time is right. Our priority is to keep all risk/losses below 3%.