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Despite the insanity of recent market volatility and overseas financial issues, my followers and I are enjoying continued success with my TheGoldAndOilGuy program. We've earned a robust 8.13% monthly average return in the second half of 2011... all during a time when most traders were either losing their shirts or sitting on the sidelines.

Are you making money in these wild market conditions? If you were a subscriber you would have pocketed an easy 3.25% in our recent trade. If you didnt make any money in the most recent selloff and bounce don't worry. 2012 looks like it will be another highly profitable year with plenty of trends to be a part of.

Recent ETF Trades:

SDS 3.25%, Dec 20
SDS 8.3%, Nov 25
SCO 3.6%, Oct 21
SDS (6%), Oct 10
SDS 7.95, Oct 4
UUP 3%, Sept 22

SCO 18.7%, Sept 22
SDS 7.3%, Sept 2
HXD 10% Sept 2
CEF 4.6%, Aug 24
GLD 10%, Aug 24
SSO 2.6%, Aug 10

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Chris, This is to personally thank you for your service. It is my second year and indeed I am very satisfied not only of the performance, that considering the current markets has been good, but especially of the quality and consistence of your advice, which is very honest, transparent and with realistic expectations.

Keep up the good work and happy, holidays to you and your growing family.

--Fabrizio Panzeri 12/26/2011
ChrisFirst, as a new subscriber, let me express my gratitude for your fabulous service. In addition to your expertise in reading charts and analyzing the markets, you help me a lot with your patience and your calm attitude. You are teaching me that trading needn't be an anxious, fearful, messy, hectic, or horrific experience. On the contrary, with proper focus on charts, patience in allowing the markets to give us opportunities for profit, precision with entry and exit points, and overall tranquility, trading can be zen-like as well as profitable. As you suggest, it's all about being in the zone, going with the flow, and always remaining disciplined.
--Christian Holland 12/27/2011
As a recent subscriber, September 2011, I am blown away at the technical accuracy Chris reads the market. No excuses, no padding, no wishful thinking just the way he sees it. Accurate, very conservative and risk averse. On the daily recap he makes it look so simple, yet one starts to appreciate the breath of his knowledge as the Market whips around as it has lately. The Entries and Stops are clearly defined and the Risk is acceptable. The Management of trades is deceptively simple yet very effective. There is scope for traders to use their own initiative and place the trades to their own discretion. So far I have followed three trades and made twelve percent on my account. My target to make 20% on my account looks a bit low. Very good value for money. Thank you Chris! May you and your family enjoy the blessing in 2012.
--Ben, Australia 12/22/2011

Chris is simply the best on simple technical trading!
Hi I have been trading and investing for 28 years. Chris is the best and most straightforward technical/chart reader I've seen. His simple risk/reward trades are highly effective in these volatile markets.
--Ken Anderson 12/21/2011
I am a new subscriber after following you for a year before finally taking the plunge. Has worked out great and paid for you subscription 4 times over on your first recommendation doing exactly as you instructed. For me, the best part is limitation of risk you put on your trades, something essential, but rarely done by "financial advisers" who can wipe out half your life savings in a bear market.
Keep it up!! Merry xmas,
--Robert Ledonne 12/15/2011
Chris, just to let you know your videos are absolutely fantastic! It's a great education for anyone who wants to become a full time trader like myself. Keep up the great work.
--Nikola G 12/14/2011
I have been following your analyses for quite some time (years) and I truly like & admire the way you keep emotion out of the trading. Over time I have picked up many important things about trading from reading/listening to you. Also, I appreciate the fact that you make it a point to educate your audience about trading set ups, trends-spotting and money management. Thank you for all the good stuff!!
--Satish. K 12/10/2011
Your technical analysis is super .....keeps me in line. I am a recent subscriber and was late for the last short with SDS. Used EDZ in place of SDS this time for 12.6% gain in a few days! Have been using technical analysis for a long time but you have really shown me how to fine tune with the extra charts................... thanks again......
--Bud, Florida, USA  12/06/2011

I told you if you gave me some time to prove myself that you would not only make money but learn to trade at the same time.

If you thought TheGoldAndOilGuy was just another internet marketing trading scam, I applaud your skepticism.

I come from a world where only results backed by cold, hard numbers have value, NOT empty words and hollow promises. So there's no need for me to forgive you if you've been thinking TheGoldAndOilGuy is too good to be true.

In this day and age, you SHOULD be skeptical.

But the results for my TheGoldAndOilGuy have been explosive. The readers who had enough faith to accept my offer to join me a few months ago are making money hand over fist already.

And remember they're doing it at a time when the S&P 500 is basically doing nothing and precious metals like gold and silver are down.

Basically, they're beating the vast majority of hedge funds, pro-traders and money-managers!

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