Top Ten Gold Stocks for 2015 Massive Gains


I just issued a special WSW Power Investor report members only report outlining my top ten mining stocks for 2015 and beyond.  These are not mere short-term momentum plays, but stocks to take real investment positions in that are at cheap valuations, have good earnings growth prospects, and have fantastic entry points on their stock charts.

In short these stocks have both elements of my “Two Fold Formula” when it comes to picking stocks.  These are the type of stocks that I have found to be the most profitable ones to buy and own over my years of investing and trading in the markets.

We have seen gold and mining stocks put on a tremendous rally after bottoming in November.  The HUI mining stock index went up 40% from its December low to January high and is now pausing before it goes higher.

That pause is providing an incredible entry point for those that want to take a position in mining stocks.

I have done a little extra buying myself this week and released this special report of the top ten mining stocks to buy right now.

You can get instant access to this report by becoming a member of my special WSW Power investor inner circle.

This is a monthly elite membership group that consists of people of all walks of life from hedge fund managers to taxi cab drivers all united in the desire to put money to work in only the best investment opportunities in the financial markets.

It is not for “Fast Money” gamblers, but only for people serious about their investing.

Included with membership is a special Stock Market Mastery Course that can bring you up to speed if you are new to the financial markets or have yet to make serious money in them.

I keep the group closed to new members most of the time so that I can focus on the members of the group and doing research for them instead of spending all of my time on trying to get new members, which is what most people do.

However, thanks to this moment in time when it comes to metals and mining stocks and the release of this special report I am opening up access to WSW Power Investor to you today.

This offering will close though on Thursday at 11:00 PM EST so that I can return my focus to the Power Investor members and also to encourage you to act now and get access to my list of Top Ten Mining Stocks before they go up in price.

Once you join you’ll receive on average a full PDF research report from me every week among other things.  Membership renews every 30-days until you cancel it and you can cancel at anytime.



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Mike Swanson