Tech Giants Build Major Basing Pattern Again – AAPL, GOOG, YHOO, BBRY, XLK

How to trade technology stocks or the technology sector moving forward may not be that complicated. This report shows you where the big technology stocks are likely to go in the coming week or two. This is based strictly on technical analysis not fundamentals as fundamentals typically lag the market drastically.

If you have been following my analysis for some time you will recall the detailed report on AAPL and RIMM shares last year when I called the top in Apple shares and the bottom for RIMM (BBRY). In that report I walked you through the stages which stocks go through and where each of these stocks were trading at then. Be sure to review the charts quickly here:

In this week’s report I talk about the technology sector in more detail using the tech giants like Apple, Google, Yahoo, BBRY, and the XLK tech sector exchange traded fund. A picture says a thousand words so here are a few thousand words in picture format with my analysis and thinking as of this week.

Keep in mind that the market changes each day so forecasts and outlooks can flip within a couple days so nothing is set in stone and subject to change.

YAHOO – Daily Chart

Yahoo is in an uptrend with strong share accumulation. It continues to form bullish price patterns and points to higher prices in the coming week.


Research In-Motion/Back Berry WEEKLY Chart:

This is a weekly chart so things move much slower. But overall the pattern on BBRY is very bullish and if the broad market does not start a correction this stock price should test $30 per share this summer.



Apple Daily Chart:

Apple topped out months ago but is now starting to look ready for a bounce. It is forming a possible stage 1 base, and an inverse head & Shoulders pattern. Both point to higher prices and a gap window fill which is the next higher volume resistance zone.



XLK – Technology Sector Exchange Traded Fund

While I like the potential of individual stocks you are subject to individual news etc… which is a little to risky for my blood but my trading partner specializes in this type of trading and has been making a killing this year with his subscribers at The more conservative trader can focus on a basket of technology stocks using the XLK ETF which shows higher prices in the next week or two also.

Another way to play this is through options which is technically the least risky trading strategy there is when done correctly. You can see from these results options are VERY powerful – Options Trading



Technology Trading Conclusion:

In short, I like how the technology sector is looking for a continued move higher. Keep in mind the report I did a week ago talking about the intermediate cycle topping out for the SP500 soon. Stocks may just reach their recent highs then roll over in a big way. So any gains should be protected with partial profit taking and a protective stop.

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AAPL Looks Ready Bounce & the Next Best Trade Ideas

AAPL shares have been in free fall mode all October spooking investors with a $120 drop from the all-time high in September. As well all know, though it’s hard to follow without a proven trading strategy to keep us focused but the key is that you must buy when others are selling and then sell when everyone is buying.

Apple shares really have helped in holding the overall stock market up in the past but recently it has been a big drag on the broad market. Taking a look at the chart below you can see my analysis and thoughts of this giant.

The red horizontal line shows the key level where high volume traded in the past. For the market to reset (flush out investors/traders) it must shake as many longs out before it can start rising again. By the price breaking below that level which also happens to be a Century Number $600, most of the stops were placed down around this level. The volume spike of 40,000,000 shares clearly shows it triggered stops once that $600 level was broken. We want stops run because it give more power to the next rally/bounce.

AAPL Shares Bottoming



The NASDAQ has formed a similar chart pattern and is heavily weighted with AAPL shares. Trading NQ futures, QQQ, QLD or the XLK exchange traded fund as a much more affordable way to play a bounce/rally in the coming weeks.

NDX - QQQ Shares Bottoming


Russell 2000 Index:

I really like the Russell 2000 index because small cap stocks can rally hard and fast outperforming the large caps like AAPL, SP500, NASDAQ and DOW. This index is looking ripe for a bounce in the coming days which could trigger the next major rally to new highs. You can plan this index through TF futures contract, IWM, TNA, UWM exchange traded funds.

IWM - TNA Funds Bottoming


Trading Conclusion:

While this setup looks very promising because the election is almost over and the Santa Clause rally is just around the corner. Know that some of the biggest drops in the market happens during times when the market is running the stops. It is a natural tendency to take big positions which things look great, but that is not how you do it… Take calculated position sizes knowing indexes could fall another 2-3% before putting in a real washout bottom.

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