BitCoin Retests Resistance Near 9370 – What Next?

If you pay attention to the trends taking place on the Weekly Bitcoin chart, you’ll notice that it has reacted to the global market Covid-19 trends almost exclusively since the beginning of 2020.  After the end of 2019, the US stock market rallied on Q4: 2019 data and so did Bitcoin.  The US Stock market peaked near February 20 and began a deeper selloff on February 25 – Bitcoin followed this pattern as well.  When the US Fed initiated the stimulus on March 23, Bitcoin prices had already started to bottom in anticipation of the Fed stimulus and really began to rally after the Fed began intervening.

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This is a bit unusual for Bitcoin, which in the past didn’t correlate to the US stock market trends all that well.  What changed?  We believe the sudden correlation of Bitcoin to the US Stock Market trends are related to investor psychology and the perceived efforts of the Central Banks in supporting the global economy.

We find it interesting that a decentralized cryptocurrency, which is supposed to be independent of global central banks and governments, suddenly aligns almost perfectly with the US stock market in correlation with the US Federal Reserve.  It is almost as if Bitcoin prices are much more aligned with the global economy and global central banks as this crisis event unfolds.  This suggests the true value of Bitcoin is not as an alternate, decentralized currency.  The true value of Bitcoin is a hyper-speculative alternate store of value – unrelated to any real asset or oversight process.


If our research is correct, the current downside price channel (Resistance) originating from the June 2019 highs will prompt a massive breakdown in price over the next 5+ weeks – possibly longer.  There are two key factors that lead us to this conclusion.  First, the correlation to the US stock market, which we believe will continue to move lower until an ultimate bottom is reached near July or August 2020.  Second, the massive Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc inflection point (the GREEN ARC) which will be reached in less than seven days.

If Bitcoin continues to mirror the US stock market price action and this inflection point does what we believe, then a massive breakdown in price may start to trend sometime between May 8 and May 14.


This Daily Bitcoin Chart shows you what we believe to be the most likely outcome going forward.  A bit of upward price rotation to potentially retest the resistance level, then a moderate selloff, followed by a brief sideways trend before an even deeper selloff begins.  This may be a map of what the US stock market may do over the exact same span of time.


Our researchers believe the ultimate bottom will set up near the end of Q3: 2020.  We believe general weakness will push the US stock market price towards an ultimate low/bottom near July or August 2020.  After that bottom completes, Q4: 2020 may see a moderate upside price trend as the Santa Rally mode kicks in.  If Bitcoin mirrors this move, then it may attempt to move below the $3850 level and ultimately attempt to find a bottom below $3000.

Our researchers believe Bitcoin has recently aligned with the US stock market and the global central banks.  If this is the case, then the “alternate decentralized currency” aspect of cryptos becomes a useless component of the market.  If Bitcoin mirrors the SPY going forward, then it is just an expensive, highly volatile alternate measure of the US stock market and global central bank activities.

Watch for the price breakdown near May 10th or so.

As a technical analyst and trader since 1997, I have been through a few bull/bear market cycles in stocks and commodities. I believe I have a good pulse on the market and timing key turning points for investing and short-term swing traders. 2020 is an incredible year for traders and investors.  Don’t miss all the incredible trends and trade setups.

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Chris Vermeulen
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ADL Predictive Modeling Suggests US Stock Market Recovery In Q4 2020

Our research team has put together these charts of our ADL modeling system (Advanced Dynamic Learning), which shows a very clear upside price recovery starting to take place in late September or early October of this year. The ADL system also suggests the recovery may last through most of Q4:2020 before the markets collapse again in early 2021.

This predictive modeling system has become somewhat of a hit with our members and our followers.  We continue to get requests from members for selected ADL research related to Oil, the NASDAQ, or other symbols. The idea that we can attempt to see into the future with a certain degree of accuracy would certainly appeal to any trader/investor.

These updated ADL charts show that the US stock market may stay under some downward/sideways pricing pressure until last September 2020 – prompting a Q4 “Santa Rally”, before the markets appear to find a new extreme weakness in early 2021.  This suggests a brief uptick in consumer activity and economic engagement centered around the November 2020 elections and the 2020 Christmas Holiday season, then back to a more contracted economic mode in early 2021.

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This YM Monthly chart highlights our ADL predictive modeling system’s results from a September 2019 origination point.  The one thing we want to add about the ADL system and the current Covid-19 virus event is that our ADL system attempts to map historic price activity into “DNA markers” and uses those DNA markers to attempt to identify and predict future price activity.  Obviously, there has been nothing like the Covid-19 virus event in recent history.  Thus, the ADL predictive modeling system is attempting to apply price DNA to an event that is unprecedented in 80+ years of price history.

Our researchers believe the ADL system will be able to pick up inherent price rotations and trends that relate to existing price DNA markers, yet the scale and scope of the price moves related to the current Covid-19 event may be much larger and more volatile than the ADL predictive modeling system is capable of indicating.  For example, take a look at the YM chart below and realize that price moved well beyond the ADL predictive price markers on this chart.  This is not an anomaly in price, this is an extreme moment in time that the ADL predictive modeling system is incapable of modeling accurately.

Thus, as we are showing you the ADL predictive modeling results, remember that extreme volatility related to the global market event could push the price 6% to 15% further away from these predicted price levels very easily as volatility increases.  Thus, a bottom shown on this chart near 24,000 with the ADL system could actually result in a price bottom near 22.460 or 20,400 (6% to 15% below the projected price level).


This Monthly NQ chart shows that the tech-heavy NASDAQ may provide a more stable sideways market rotation over the next 6+ months than the S&P500 or the Dow Industrials.  The ADL system is suggesting that the NQ will likely move lower over the next 3+ months before recovering back to the 9,000 price range in September/October 2020.  Again, we see moderate weakness in price in early 2021 for a short period of time before price attempts to resettle near 9,200 in Q2:2021

This suggests the NASDAQ will continue to attract foreign investment and show more restrained price volatility than the Dow or the S&P.  Again, pay attention to the extreme volatility in the markets and how the price has extended 5% to 15%+ beyond the ADL predictive price levels.  Until the volatility subsides, continue to expect this extreme price rage volatility.

Our ADL system accurately predicted the month gold started a new bull market last year which Eric Sprott talked about. Also, we predicted the month oil was going to crash. while price hit our downside target correctly the price went way beyond that as we all know.


Overall, it appears September/October of 2020 is setting up for a moderate US stock market price recovery. Until then, it appears we have a bit of additional price rotation and volatility to contend with.  The interesting take-away from all of this is that our original expectation for a price bottom near or after June or July 2020 seems very accurate.

Technical traders should wait for the price to confirm these predictions before taking any actions.  This is a great market for skilled short term traders to find opportunities.  But it is also very dangerous for traders to chase trends.

The next few years are going to be full of incredible opportunities for skilled traders and investors.  Huge price swings, incredible revaluation events, and, eventually, an incredible upside rally will start again.

I’ve been trading since 1997 and I’ve lived through numerous market events.  The one thing I teach my members is that risk is always a big part of trading and that’s why I structure all of my research and trading signals around “finding profits while reducing overall risks”.  Sure, there are fast profits to be made in these wild market swings, but those types of trades are extremely risky for most people – and I don’t know of anyone that wants to risk 50 or 60% of their assets on a few wild trades.

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Chris Vermeulen
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