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I hope this weeks sell-off and rally whipsaw didn’t catch you off guard? Subscribers of TheTechnicalTraders Wealth Building Newsletter pocketed a whopping 24.16% return this week with three positions (SDS, UGLD & SIL).

Anyways, on Wednesday I sent you a reminder that I will be adding my short term trading signal software signals to my newsletter like the ones listed above and once I add these I will be raising the newsletter price.

My ETF Trading Newsletter is available with up to a 30% discount plus I am giving away a free silver or gold bars for select membership levels which could be worth a lot of money a year or two from now and pay for most of the newsletter. I just wanted to let you know this lower rate and offer will end soon so this will be your LAST CHANCE to get on board and test drive an ETF trading service that truly makes money for its subscribers and teaches you at the same time!

Summer is coming to an end which means it’s time to prepare for a strong fourth quarter in trading. The Wealth Building ETF trading and education program has been navigating its members through the market with precision for many years.

In fact, we just broke the 100% return
on our entire portfolio since Jan 2018.

The focus is on US-based exchange traded funds but if you live in Canada or overseas you can use our trades one similar ETFs for your own exchanges and make similar returns!

In case you don’t know who I am, my name is Chris Vermeulen the founder and editor of the Wealth Building Newsletter to make navigating the financial market as easy as it gets. I provide simple low-risk ETF trading analysis sharing all of my trades ideas with the subscribers. You start the day knowing exactly what type of volatility to expect in the coming session and where the key support and resistance levels are for the key underlying asset type being the Dollar, Oil, Gold, Silver, Bonds and S&P 500.

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As we head towards the fourth quarter I have a few great trade ideas queued up. Overall it looks like 2019 will continue to be another banner year for the newsletter!


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TheTechnicalTraders Position & Trading Application

Take a look at some of our recent trades our application that instantly and automatically tracks our trades, send email and SMS trade alerts to you. It WAY faster than me spotting the alert then manually having to type up alerts and send them with a long delay – this is now instant!

Right now, we are working on three new trading tools that will provide all of us traders with the most benefits. Remember, we are not just building this for you/members to fluff up the member’s area, I’m building what I Want and Need to become an even better trader which in turn will boost members profits and learning experiences.

These next features will start to be included over the next few months:

  • The V9 Trading Algo (including charts and trade alerts/signals)
  • The Predictive Price Cycle Analysis (including charts with cluster reversal signals)

You can see some of our proprietary solutions in the sample charts below:

V9 Trading Algo – Trend Trading
SP500 – SSO 2x Leveraged Trading Signals

V9 Trading Algo – Momentum T1 and Swing Trade T2
SP500 – SSO 2x Leveraged Trading Signals

V9 Trading Algo (Trend, Momentum, and Swing Trades)
GOLD – GLD Signals

Predictive Cycle Cluster Reversal Tool
SP500 – Index

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