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How to Trade Market Bottoms for SP500 & Gold

May 23 2010
The stock market topped in April which was expected from analyzing stocks and the indexes. Back in April I posted a few reports explaining how to read the charts to spot market tops. Today’s report is about identifying market bottoms. Market Top Report: Click Here

It does not get much more exciting than what we have seen in the past 2 months with the market topping in April and the May 6th mini market crash. This Thursday we saw panic selling which pushed the market below the May 6th low washing the market of weak positions.

For those of you who have been following me closely this year I am sure you have noticed trading has been a little slower than normal. This is due to the fact that the market corrected at the beginning of the year and we went long Feb 5th and again on Feb 25th. Since then the market rallied for 2 months and never provided another low risk entry point. In April the market became choppy and toppy and we eventually took a short position to ride the market down. Now were we are looking at another possible reversal to the upside.

Only a few trades this year which I know frustrates some individuals but if you step back and look at my trading strategy you will learn that we only need to trade a few trades a year to make some solid returns. I don’t know about you but I would rather trade a few times a month and live life between trades… not trade all day every day getting bug eyed in front of the computer.

Ok enough of the boring stuff let’s get into the charts…

SP500 – Stock Market Index Trading ETFs & Futures

The pullback in the broad market was expected but the mini crash on May 6th really through a wrench into things for us technical analysts. We don’t really know the truth about what happened that day… was it just a simple error or was it a planned error for the US government to take a massive short position to move something in their favor quickly to generate MASSIVE gains? It leaves us technicians hanging wondering if that was a shift in trend from up (accumulation) to down (distribution)?

My thoughts are if the crash was truly an error then we will see months if not another year of higher prices… But if it was a planned sell off with banks moving to the sidelines then we are most likely headed into another bear market. Personally it does not matter what happens as big money will be made in either direction. Problem is if we do go into another bear market then the majority of individuals will lose capital as investor’s portfolios get smaller and smaller. That will lead to a lot of depressed people…

In short, I am neutral on the stock market for the intermediate and long term. Once we have a few more months of price action only then will I have a plan for longer term investments. But on the short term time frame the market is screaming at me with extreme sentiment levels lining up on the stock market and gold.

The daily chart of the SPY – SP500 Index shows several important points which help me time market bottoms. We have prices trading at a support zone. Buyers step back into the game here and should provide a decent bounce which started Friday Morning.

Next we have the panic selling spikes from an indicator I created. Generally the day after we see panic in the market like we did on Thursday we will see a big bounce and many times a large rally.

Down at the bottom you can see my custom market cycles which are both starting to bottom. During times like this the market has a natural tendency to move higher.


VIX – Market Volatility Daily Chart

The VIX has an old saying “When the VIX is high its time to buy, When the VIX is low, its time to go”. Simple analysis clearly shows the VIX trading high and at a resistance zone.

VIX - Volatility Index Trading

Put/Call Ratio – Daily Trading Chart
This chart measures the amount of put and call options traded each day. When it is trading over 1.00 then we know for every 1 call option traded (wanting the market to go up) there is 1 put option traded (wanting the market to go down). Over 1.00 is extreme and when that many people are bearish and using leverage to profit from a drop in price then in my opinion it means everyone has already sold and the selling pressure is about to end.

Actually if you go back in time and review SP500 and this ratio you will notice 2-3 days after this ratio reaches 1.00 or higher the market bounces/bottoms.

Put Call Ratio Trading Strategy

NYSE Advance/Decline Line for Equities – Daily Chart
This chart shows us how many stocks are advancing or declining on any given day. When extremes are reached look for a short term bounce or bottom 1-3 days following.

NYSE Advance Decline Line Trading

How to Identify Stock Market Bottoms with Simple Analysis:
In short, I feel the market is forming a bottom here. How big of a rally will we get? I don’t know because of the mixed signals from the May 6th EXTREME heavy volume selling session. As usual I focus on trading with the trend, trading the low risk setups and I manage my money/positions scaling in and out of those positions as I see fit.

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Chris Vermeulen

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Does Panic Selling Pin The Market Bottom Again?

8:41am ET, May 21, 2010

Yesterday we started to see extreme panic selling in the broad market. This can be seen by looking at the up/down volume, advance/decline line for stocks and the speed at which the market was dropping. Only a few times a year do we get extreme levels like this and they tend to lead to sizable gains if traded correctly.

A lot has changed with my overall market outlook in the past month. At first I thought the intraday market crash was a human error and should be somewhat ignored but with the level of selling we are seeing now I am starting to think we have formed a market top in April. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a bias as to which way I want the market to go. It does not really matter as I simply follow the trend and trade the setups.

Here are my charts and thoughts of what is happening in the market:

Broad Market – Indexes and Stocks

As you can see from the chart below the red broadening pattern is starting to concern me. During a bull market like we are in now, a broadening pattern is seen as neutral or bearish price action. This type of pattern has be on edge because in the past patterns like this have been the top. But I think we should see a bounce up to retrace half of the sell off from the April top. Then we will evaluate the situation from there.

Blue Support Levels currently the market is trading around a support level which tends to force the price to change direction. We have yet to break the May low and that could be broken today depending on the follow though from yesterdays panic selling. We could see the low get penetrated briefly then reverse back up sharply. This quick break of the early May low will shake out the final group of traders/investors before the market bottoms.

Green Panic Selling has helped to point out market lows for all of 2009 and 2010. Yesterday we had new high showing us that there were 37 sell orders for ever 1 buy order on the NYSE. I was getting a lot of emails yesterday from traders in panic wondering what to do. These emails are also an indicator that the market is bottoming…

SP500 - SPY - ES Mini Trading Newlsetter

US Dollar Index

The US Dollar chart below looks as though it has topped on the 4 hour chart. We could see the dollar drop for 1-3 weeks which in turn will help boost stocks and gold s they both seem to be bottoming.
US Dollar Index Trading Newsletter

Trading Conclusion:

In short, the market is trying to bottom as I mentioned in the Wednesday report. Volatility has spiked, stocks and commodities are jumping around shaking out stops and investors are in a panic selling what they own and getting back into cash…

It’s Friday and when a big move happens on Friday we have to expect some follow through on Monday as all the weekly chart traders and people not watching the market last week will see the sell off and exit their positions on Monday adding more pressure on the market.

With all the recent selling I feel most of the risk has been taken out of the market already but we must remain cautious still. I am looking to buy (scale in over a couple days) the SP500 and Gold using the Best Trading vehicles which members have access to along detailed trading information like entry, price targets, protective stops money management and trading education.

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Chris Vermeulen

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The Moment of Truth Video for Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500

May 5th 2010
It has been an exciting couple weeks with the stock market slowly forming its top before breaking down this week. I have been warning everyone keep tightening your protective stops and to keep new positions small because once prices start to sell off they will most likely drop like a rock.

This week we have seen all the markets around the world breakdown and this indicates that there could be some large waves of selling in the near future. Traders and investors are very bullish on both stocks and commodities and financial market is designed to hurt the largest group of investors possible. So with over 53% of trader’s bullish and only 18% bearish (same readings as the Jan high) it makes for a perfect blood bath in the market catching the majority off guard left holding the shares.

Here is a chart of the SP500 ETF – SPY Daily Chart

You can see from simple analysis these repeated patterns in price and volume.

Video – Gold, Silver, Oil and SP500 Technical Analysis

I have put together a short video covering charts of gold, silver, oil and the broad market pointing out what we must watch for in the coming days or weeks.

Visit this link if you cannot see a video here:

Mid-Week Trading Conclusion:
The broad market is now in the middle of a trend reversal and during times like these we can see wild price swings in stocks and commodities making trading much more difficult. But a few more sessions and we should see things smooth out and provide some great shorting opportunities before the market starts to head back up to make new 2010 highs.

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Chris Vermeulen

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Mid-Week Gold & Oil Trading Report

In my last report I showed some cycles for the price of gold and how they were starting to roll over which would in turn put some selling pressure on both gold and silver this week.

Last Monday we saw gold and silver open higher but both were met with selling for the entire trading session. Since then gold and silver have been drifting higher on light volume with some occasional waves of selling on higher volume. It looks as though gold and silver have started a 5-14 day pause or pullback.


GLD – Gold Exchange Traded Fund

You can see from the chart below that the price of GLD looks to have bottomed after completing several typical price patterns from the breakdown we saw in December. The recent 4 months have provided a solid looking chart which should help gold take another run at the $1500 mark in the coming months.


USO Oil Fund


Crude Oil Futures – 120 minute chart of April 14, 2010

As the saying goes, buy on rumor (expectations) sell on the news. Well the price of oil moved up in the early morning anticipating the news (inventory numbers) at 10:30am ET would be in line with estimates. Then we saw profit taking started 2 hours before the number came out which is normal to see. But traders forecasted 1.4 million barrels as the number but the number came out at -2.2 million which was a big surprise for everyone. This sent oil sharply higher providing traders who caught the breaking news with an easy money trade. This type of action does not happen often so it’s a great little bonus for day traders.


Mid-Week Trading Conclusion:

In short, metals have had a nice run recently and the charts are pointing to a short breather before the next upward thrust.

Oil is holding up strong on the daily chart and with today’s extra boost in price, its looking like it may want to start a new leg higher if the momentum carries over for a few more days.

We saw the major indexes surge higher on rising volume indicating buyers are in a panic to buy in fear of missing more gains. There really is no reason to be buying at these prices other than trading off emotions in fear of missing more upside. The problem for these traders is that money is made by those who buy dips in the bull markets. Buying over extended rallies is a dangerous game, especially with the market as overbought as this one. The trend is our friend and if we do get a 1-2 day pullback in stocks we could take small position to buy on a dip.

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What to Expect in April for Stocks & Precious Metals

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter Holiday!

This is quick update as its Easter Sunday and it’s a time to relax with the family 🙂

Below are two charts and my thoughts on what I am looking for in the coming days and weeks.

Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Daily Chart
As you can see the price action of gold has been trading within a few patterns the past couple months. First we saw a nice ABC Retrace correction and now it looks like a possible reverse Head & Shoulders or Wedge pattern is forming.

All three of these patterns are bullish but resistance must be overcome before I will start putting my money to work.

NYSE & NASDAQ Indexes – Daily Charts
We saw the broad market trade sideways for the majority of the week. As usual we had a pre-holiday pop in prices with the week closing slightly positive for stocks. These gains are generally given back the following week as volume picks back up.

The one thing that has me scratching my head is that the major indexes like SP500, Dow, NASDAQ and Russell 2000, all stayed below their previous weeks high. But the NYSE as shown below as the top chart clearly broke out to a new high.

I look at the NYSE as leading indicator and this makes me think we could see stocks grind higher right into earning season. All we can do at this point is wait for more data points on the chart and continue analyzing the market one day at a time.

Weekend Trading Conclusion:
As I mentioned last week, the market is over extended as we enter earning season. The market is in the same situation as we saw going into the January earning season.

I do not think we will have a huge pullback but I think a 3-5% correction is likely in the coming days or week. Once we get a pullback we should see support around the 30 or 50 day moving averages and then see the market head toward new highs once again.

The precious metals sector is getting a lot of attention because of the whistle blower on JP Morgan stating that metals are seriously manipulated with a huge amount of short positions still in place. I think this could be helping this sector and I hope we get a low risk setup in the coming week or two.

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Sure Looks Like A Top? VIX, NYSE, DOW & GOLD

I think many of you will find this article interesting as I show several different indicators which point to an imminent correction for stocks and precious metals.

Last Wednesday’s report I showed how the current price of the index was almost identical to the January peak from where prices dropped nearly 10%. The report was called “28 Day Sector Rotation, Commodity & Index”. We did get the first sign of toppy market last Friday with the sharp one day sell off as I expected.

Today, one week later we are now that much closer to a 3-8% drop which is shown in the charts below. It’s important to remember that bottoms tend to happen quickly while a market topping is more of a process which is why so many people take big losses trying tip a top.

The market will continue to move up even when it is way overbought. It’s only when extreme levels are reached that tops can try to be played.


The Volatility Index – Measures Fear & Complacency in the Market

While the VIX is not something I follow on a daily basis it is important to keep an eye on it. When extreme low levels are reached we know the market (John Dow traders) are feeling confident and buying up everything they can get their hands on.

I like to trade with the trend but when extreme levels are reached I start looking for a low risk setup to the short side (profit in a falling market) using leveraged ETFs.

As you can see from the chart of the VIX and SP500 below, each time the VIX tested the support level the market made a top. Again the VIX is not a great timing tool but it helps me decide which trading strategy I should focus on (swing or day trading) and if I should be looking to buy or selling the market.


NYSE New Highs-Lows Index

If a chart is worth a thousand words then this chart is worth 2000. It cannot get any simpler that the NYSE new high-low index.

The green line is the SP500 index which is straight forward. The Red line is the number of stocks on the NYSE which have reached a new high.

How strong is the market if is keeps going up while the underlying stocks are getting weaker? Something has got to give and it will most likely be to the down side.


Dow Jones Industrial Average – Daily Trend Chart

This chart adds another layer of clarity. You can see what happened last January when everyone was buying stocks thinking life is good, trading is easy. As my trading buddy David Banister from always says “Buy when the Cry, Sell when they Yell”and that’s what I am looking to do.

Today the Russell 2000 index (small cap stocks) sold down very hard. These stocks tend to lead the market both up and down. So the red flag is up and I am just waiting for the market to show me its hand so we can catch the next big move.

Coles Notes on Chart:
• Market is over bought and in dire need of a pullback
• The length of this steady rally is much longer than a normal rally
• The rate as which prices are rising is much to steep to be maintained
• The market is trading at the parallel trend line
• VIX is tell us people are buying and not worrying about any possible drop
• NYSE divergence is screaming Overbought…


GLD Gold Fund Trading

Gold is still in a major bull market but the recent price action from Dec up until now has been down as gold consolidates the large rally from 2009.

Looking at the chart below you can see the mini Head & Shoulders pattern. The neckline has now been broken and prices are falling. I almost had a buy signal for gold two days ago with the small move up and the candle closing above the previous days high. But because the price was still under the neckline (resistance) I decided to stand aside and live another day.


Mid-Week Gold Newsletter Conclusion:

In short, the market looks very strong but from a technical point of view it’s about to die of exhaustion in my opinion.

Gold, silver and oil I figure will move together which is sideways or down.

I am keeping a very close eye on things hoping prices unfold in a manor which will allow us to spot a low risk setup in the coming days as I would like to catch this drop if it happen. With any luck we could make 10-15% within a couple days using a leveraged ETF.

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Chris Vermeulen

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Gold, Silver, Oil and Natural Gas Mid-Week Trading Charts

March 11th 2010
So far this week has been pretty slow. Large cap stocks continue to lag the market which can be observed by looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Average which still has room to move higher before breaking the January high.

One important thing to note is that volume has picked up this week considerably – particularly on the SP500 and OEX. It’s difficult to say if this volume is a good sign or not.

A lot of stocks and sectors are trading near their January high and this gives traders a reason to unload shares. On the flip side, the several sectors and indexes have broken their January high and this triggers a surge in volume as breakout traders try to take advantage of the new high and momentum. So you can see how the surge of volume is not a useful indicator right now.

Here are some charts of what I think we could see in the coming weeks.

US Dollar Index – Daily Trading Chart
I follow the US dollar index very closely simply because it affects the prices of stocks and commodities. I used a line chart below in order to take out the daily candle stick noise which made it very difficult for our eyes to pick up this pattern.

The chart shows a possible head & shoulders pattern and if that is the case then we should see the dollar start to slide lower. In turn, this would boost stocks and commodities. This is the fuel that I think could really move the market sharply higher in the coming weeks.

GLD Gold ETF – Daily Trading Chart
The price of gold looks to be setup for a nice bounce off support and the timing could just work out if the US Dollar starts to drop over the next few days. There could be a low risk setup just around the corner.

SLV Silver ETF – Daily Trading Chart
Silver has held up well but today’s reversal candle to the downside scares me a little. The odds are that silver will carry this strong momentum selling down for another 1-2 days. Again, with any luck, it will test support and the US Dollar will start to slide lower.

Crude Oil – Daily Trading Chart
Oil has had a great run the past month but as you can see it’s currently trading at the top of a large trading range. I would like to see a sideways move before it takes another run at the $84 level, but the 7 day bull flag that formed two weeks ago may have been enough to maintain the upward momentum. Again, if the Dollar drops we will see oil rally.

Natural Gas – Daily Trading Chart
This chart is actually very attractive looking. Even if you do not understand how to read charts I think it’s safe to say this one is a no brainer.

I will be closely watching for a potential low risk setup in the coming days.

Mid-Week Trading Conclusion:
In short, stocks and indexes are trading at resistance levels with many of them making new highs and that is great to see.

A lot of things are trading in limbo waiting to see what the US Dollar is going to do. Several months ago I posted some charts showing that 81 would be a key resistance level for the dollar. If it broke above that then 84 would be the next key level to watch. So we just have to wait and see… the hardest part of trading is the waiting.

Gold, silver, oil and natural gas all look like they could continue higher in the next few days if things unfold that quickly. But the market always finds a way to drag out moves so we could still be a 2-3 weeks away.

I hope this report helps give you an idea of where things are at in the market.

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First Name:

Chris Vermeulen

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Gold & SP500’s One Candle Rebound To Riches

March 3th
It’s been a great year for trading!
So far February, last week and this week have being absolutely amazing for both swing traders and intraday traders.

On February 5th we had extreme panic selling with nearly 35 sell orders for every 1 buy order on the NYSE. That extreme panic and dumping of shares was the day we jumped into the market and we nailed the bottom.

As my trading buddy David Banister from ActiveTradingPartners would say “Buy When They Cry!” and that is exactly what subscribers did. Since then our gold, silver and the index funds have been moving up nicely.

I would like to note that there were several more technical reasons why we jumped into the market that day but I won’t get into the nitty-gritty cause this mid-week update would be a trading book…


Explanation of What happened Last Week & This Week
Ok this may get a little confusing but try to stick with me here…

If you recall last Wednesday’s mid-week report which was called “Gold, Silver & Stock Indices on the Verge of Rolling Over”, I talked about how I was bearish on the overall market. This report has a bunch of detailed charts explaining what was most likely to happen next and some trading.

Well, the market played out just as we had expected. The market dropped 1.35% in over night trading and the following trading session providing intraday traders using ETF’s, Futures or CFD’s a net profit between 1.35% to over 100% return within 17 hours of entering a trade depending on which trading vehicle you used. Check out how this trade was executed by reading my report titled “How To Use Multiple Time Frames For Setups” which I send out the next day. Understanding how to trade using different time frames is a must for all traders and this report shows you how.


Now here is the part that has thrown a lot of traders off
Just to recap, I posted an extremely bearish report saying the sky is falling on Wednesday. Thursday morning the market moved down as expected, and then late Thursday afternoon I sent out a trade alerts to buy a bunch of precious metal and stock etfs.

I understand why emails flooded my inbox that afternoon…. Everyone wanted to know how I can say the market is falling then turn around and buy the very next day.

It’s actually a really simple answer. “I don’t fall in love with my positions” and “I re-evaluate the market after each new candlestick on the chart”.

Trading is not an easy task, that we all know. The market tests and bends my brain to the limit on a regular basis and if one cannot control their emotions and stick with a set of trading rules, then you will eventually lose all your money.

I have placed thousands of trades in my lifetime and pulling the trigger to get in and out of a position does not phase me anymore. But the problem is most people don’t want to exit a losing trade because then they are proven wrong and most people hate being wrong. If that’s what you are feeling, then you need fix it or get out of trading.

My general rule is “when in doubt, get out”. I would rather watch a trade move without me knowing I had it right, than be stuck in a losing trade, saying to myself, “Why the hell did I get into this trade?”


Re-Evaluating the Market or Your Investment
After each new candle is formed on a chart it is crucial to re-evaluate the charts. In other words if your main focus is to trade the daily chart then you better re-evaluate the strength of the chart each day and also check the 1 hour intraday chart for possible bullish or bearish patterns.

On the other hand, if you are an intraday trader focusing on trading the 1 hour chart, then you better be evaluating things every hour, and also check the 5 or 10 minute charts for patterns to keep an eye on price and volume action.


Below are daily charts of some ETF’s I trade showing how we have been trading the market. You can see February 25th the market reversed to the upside and that is when we went long again as prices formed an outside reversal candle and these funds have been moving higher ever since.


Mid-Week Trading Conclusion:

In short, it’s been a great start to the year with the market performing within its regular trading patterns between fear and greed.

I believe 2010 is going to be very tough for individuals who do not fully understand the market and how to manage risk. I figure the market is about to top in the next week or so then start to head lower. 2010 will most likely trade in a large sideways range for 8-10 months and maybe even longer. Being able to spot market reversals and trade them actively is were the money is this year. No grand slams, just a bunch of single base hits.

I would like to see the market rally and makes new highs but I am ready for what ever the market dishes out in the coming months.

I hope this report helped you to understand that trading is an active sport and being able to change directions one day to another is just part of the game.

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All trade alerts are instantly posted in the members area, chat-room and sent via email making it one of the most powerful trading services I have seen available online.

If you are interested please fill out the form to be notified for this service which will start the last week of March or the first week of April. It will have limited availability to keep it personal:

Chris Vermeulen

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Precious Metals & Oil Update- ETF’s vs Mini-Future

Over the past month the gold and silver markets have taken a good drubbing. Silver has dropped from 19.50 to 15.00 and gold from 1227 to 1044 as the US Dollar has finally rallied after a long drawn out correction.

Since the advent of ETF’s market players have been able to invest in gold and silver for the first time without using Futures and investors have made the gold and silver ETF’s a very popular way of investing in the precious metals. The advantages of ETF’s are many versus buying a futures contract. Investors can hold them for the long haul, there is no contract switching every few months, investors can buy as much or as little as they want and there is no need to worry about a leveraged position. But are there any disadvantages to ETF’s versus a futures contract?

The chart below is the silver ETF with the symbol (SLV). Because the precious metals are a global commodity and one that has been in the spotlight lately, like most commodities they trade on a world wide scale 22-24 hours per day. Since ETF’s only trade during stock market hours there can be drastic changes to price when local markets open up the following day.

The arrows I’ve drawn show how the price of silver has been vulnerable to severe price drops on the open of trade in these stocks. The recent severe correction in silver is an excellent example of how prices can open much lower than the previous day’s close. Technicians call them price gaps when they appear on a chart pattern. Investors who are using the ETF’s to be long the metals call them EQUITY gaps because of the drop in price that occur affect their bottom line.

When investors awake to learn that gold or silver is down heavy overseas, the natural tendency for short term traders is to bail out on the open for fear of losing more money than they already have. Since these ETF’s have been closed for trading about 16 hours previously, big price changes can and do happen.

Now let’s look at a futures chart of silver. The chart below is a 1000 ounce silver futures contract.

Notice how there is only one price gap on the entire chart since the top price in January. That is because this contract trades 22 hours per day and price gaps only reflect the changes that occur from about 5 PM to 7:20 PM EST time. The remainder of the time the market is open somewhere in the world and the globex market is linked to all of them. Therefore an investor can avoid nasty drops in price over night by choosing to trade a futures contract.

Futures contracts are not for everyone as the mini contract has 1000 ounces as a minimum and most be rolled over every three months or so to a new contract. Most of the time there is a few cents difference in price as well and this is called a premium. For someone who is buying 1000 shares of the silver ETF and is an in and out short term trader might want to consider trading futures. The commissions can be much cheaper if you have the right broker charging under $3.00 commissions to trade a 1000 ounce contract which only requires a minimum margin of $1600 to trade $16,000 dollars worth of silver and the cost to fund an account is as low as $5000 dollars to open.

Probably the best advantage is that trading on these contracts begins on Sunday evening (in USA), a full 14 hours before the ETF’s open up for New York trading. On weeks such as we’ve seen this can be a marked advantage, especially when a severe correction begins to develop as the markets reopen from a weekend or Holiday.

Another advantage is the ease of which one can short these contracts. Unlike ETF’s one can short a contract just as fast and as easy as going long. It only requires a click of the button.

What about disadvantages?
Trading in futures is a leveraged game and while the gains can be magnified, so can the losses. However, if you’re already trading 1000 shares of SLV there is no difference. If you’ve never traded futures before it can be at times more emotional. Probably the biggest advantage is the ability to trade with ease and this can cause the user to overtrade and therefore accumulate more losses if you don’t have a game plan.

What about liquidity?
I’ve traded these contracts and have never ever had a problem getting in and getting out. However once in a while these contracts can fluctuate a bit more in after hours when trading is thin. I’ve seen 10-20 cent price rises after the market closes only to pullback to its original price before the markets close for those few hours a day in which there is no trading.

If you’ve been frustrated with your silver ETF when it opens down 50 cents in the morning you might want to look into trading a futures contract instead. But be sure to read up on futures and possibly try a demo trading package so as to get used to the ebb and flow and psychology of trading futures versus ETF’s. They are not for everyone, but for those who are disciplined and experienced traders; futures can offer advantages that the ETF counterparts don’t.

While we are on the subject, let’s take a look at the silver chart from a technical standpoint.

The chart below shows that silver has suffered some technical damage on the charts that should have technicians concerned.

Over the past 14 months silver has been in an uptrend defined by a parallel channel that has recently been broken on the downside and it has done so on heavy volume. As you can see by the chart, silver’s Friday lows were comparable to prices from April 2009, almost a full year ago. The correction from December has wiped out almost a year’s worth of gain in two short months. The break of the lower channel line confirms this downside momentum and has considerably weakened the technical picture.

We can see how the 16 dollar area was a key support level and when it got taken out a lot of stop loss orders were probably lying underneath that target area. Investors who had bought last spring saw all of their gains taken away in a few short months and the panic selling that ensued can be witnessed by looking at the volume spike.

Investors should not be totally surprised. The January/February period for the precious metals tend to form tops in price from which late winter corrections are born and from which spring or summer bottoms are formed. This pattern has been more often than not the modus operandi during the bull market run of the past 9 years.
We can see by the seasonal chart below that this time period is usually met with a sell-off that lasts unto month end. Readers of my past articles have been shown the following chart before in other updates.

As we have stated in the past, the month of February is not usually a good time to be in precious metals and this month’s action confirms that very well.

What about Gold ?

The chart above shows that gold recently took out a very important support area. For a few months the 1075 area in gold and the 105 area in the gold ETF (GLD) has been a key point technicians have been focused on. Last week’s rout finally took that area out. We can see that last week’s lows were below that line and that gold is trying to now climb back above it and maintain price in order to regain its support area. The important thing about a channel or support line is not whether it is penetrated by price but what price does immediately afterward. For the moment gold is trying to make its mind up as to whether it will forge forward here or breakdown to the next support area on the chart.

The next major channel line on our chart is all the way down at the 95 area on the chart. However, if we look at the September high and the October low during this rally we can make a case for support at the 100 area. For gold this would equate to the 975-980 area in spot gold. So at this current moment we remain neutral in the precious metals waiting for gold to make its decision on the next leg it is to embark on. Let’s look at the short term pattern by zooming in on the 60 minute chart of the April Gold Futures contract.

Ever since the December peak at 1227 the gold market has been in a correction that has shaved off about 180 dollars from peak to bottom. We can see that each attempted rally above the moving averages has ended up in failure. Last week, spot gold touched the 1143 area, just 10 dollars shy of the original breakout point of 1033. This return move to the point of breakout is not a rare occurrence in the commodity world and there are myriad examples of such a move before the “big” one came after the breakout. The 1044 area is also the place where India made their large purchase of gold last fall and from which the news launched the market much higher when it was announced they had purchased 200 tons of the precious metal.

Thus there are two key areas for gold to watch for. First a move back above the support shelf of 1075-1090 in gold would at least put gold back in a neutral pattern instead of a downtrend. Then if gold can above the 1100-1110 area it would provide impetus for a potential test of the highs at 1125 and 1163.

In summary, the February time frame is usually a weak time for gold and usually leads to a spring rally. The early peak in December opens up the potential for gold to attempt a March or April rally. In the meantime, one would be wise to watch the current areas of support.

1075-1090 – previous support area we need to get back above.

1010-1033 – The 200 day moving average and the original breakout point.

975-980 – The first support area of the last up leg in price that began in September.

Finally let’s look at the crude oil market.

In my past few updates I have advocated that a great play is to sell some precious metal holdings in early winter and raise some cash into the spring. Not only is this good due to the seasonal tendencies of gold to correct but it allows one to begin to deploy some of that cash into the crude oil market in late February. As you can see the oil market is usually much more seasonal in trend and that time of the year is approaching.

As you can see below, the crude oil chart shows price from March2007, 2008 and 2009. All three times oil turned out to be a great buy. The current pullback from the 83 area got as low as 71 before reversing this week and price is right at the 200 and 50 day averages. Thus the 200 day average is one place we should be on watch for as support. We are close enough now that we should be on guard for a seasonal low. Should there be a selloff as in the precious metals; the 58-60 area would offer a good chance at a seasonal bottom. If the rally has already begun the 200 day average or more importantly about 5 dollars below it would be a good support area.

We are constantly watching for low risk set-ups to get our subscribers into plays like this. Feel free to check this website for my past reports. They have advocated the same strategy as I have in this article. Why not drop by our website and see what we might have for low risk entry opportunities as we await the potential seasonal trend changes and position ourselves to take advantage of them.

Deciphering the SP500 Trend
The SP 500 and the markets topped one day after my Jan 18th forecast to our subscribers that the market had met all conditions for an interim top. This followed my Feb 25th, 2009 forecast for a huge bull market rally which we rode with aggressive stock trading. I am now forecasting an ABC correction likely lasting 3-5 months into June. We have adjusted our trading plans from individual stocks to Leveraged ETF’s to take advantage of the increase in volatility. Our ETF trading is designed to work in high volatility bull or bear cycles and has a 90% historical accuracy rate with profits typically within 24-48 hours of entry. The market moves in very clear herding behavioral patterns, and we identify those early and trade accordingly at David Banister. Here are his latest views, and you can read more at

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Weekend GoldNewsletter Report

Last week ended on a positive note with stocks and commodities pushing higher into Friday’s close. The market overall is looking very unstable here and this week I figure there will be some big price movement.

Below are the charts on the DIA, GLD, SLV, UNG and USO funds so you can get a feel for the trend and additionally what I am looking for this week with respect to prices.

DIA – Daily & 60 Minute Chart
The Dow, along with the other indexes, has formed a bear flag and can be seen on the daily and 60 minute intraday charts below. This price pattern is a negative one and points to lower prices in the coming week.

If we get one more thrust down I figure it will spook the rest of the weak hands which in turn is a setup for a very nice multi week rally. If this flag turns into a rally then we will simply wait for a pullback and buy when there is a low risk setup.

GLD – Daily Chart
Gold has been doing much the same as the over stock indexes and I feel the same will happen here. We could see price rise for another day or two as it tests our blue resistance level before heading lower.

SLV – Daily Silver Chart
Silver has formed an interesting pattern the past few months and has now broken down. Silver’s chart continues to look weak as it drifts up to test resistance with a bear flag pattern that points to lower prices in the coming days, much the same as gold.

UNG – Daily Natural Gas Chart
Sorry for all the lines on this chart. It looks like a mess, I know, but it does show a possible trend change in UNG.

The trend has been down for over a year but now it looks as though it’s forming a reverse head & shoulders pattern and possible bull flag. These two patterns point to much higher prices in the coming months.

Natural Gas seasonally rallies in mid February into mid April. So this could be something we could catch for a multi month play. I may provide a stock to trade this rally in gas in addition to the ETF fund in the coming days or weeks, when ever this play unfolds.

USO – Daily Crude Oil Chart
Oil has been selling down very strong for the past 6 weeks but it is now trading at a key pivot point. Oil looks as though it’s trying to bottom here and in the next 1-2 weeks I think the energy sector will provide some great trades.

Weekend Trading Conclusion:
Overall, the market and metals bottomed last week or they have another leg down which I expect would happen this week if that’s the case. The charts are pointing to lower prices still. If the market does rally then we will simply watch the breaking and buy the pullback in 1-2 weeks once there is a low risk setup.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and valentines day. My daughter Mirabelle was born this weekend on Feb 14th (Valentines Day). Everyone is healthy and happy!

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