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Gold, DAX and Dollar Still Pointing to Sharply Lower Prices

The past month has been a wild ride for both equity and commodity traders around the globe. Novice traders have had their heads handed to them and their investment accounts drained. When fear, uncertainty and volatility are running high, some of the best opportunities become available to those who know what to look for. These market conditions force you to focus and strive for perfection in finding low risk entry setups and to also actively managing positions with laser focus because within hours a winning trade can turn into a losing trade.

Looking back on the daily charts of the dollar, SP500, gold, and also the overseas markets it looks as though we are nearing a market bottom. I say NEARING because I think investments need more time for the current selling pressure and bearish sentiment to run its course, which could take another few weeks and possibly a few month before truly bottoming.

Let’s take a quick look at some charts…

SPY 30 Minute Chart Looking Back 2 Months

As you can see below price action has been wild. But for subscribers to my newsletter it has been a fun and exciting time having pocketed over 40% return from August 1st – up until today.

The point of this chart is to show you the basic market phases (Impulse, Uncertainty, and Corrective). Understanding how to identify each phase using momentum, price action, volume analysis and market sentiment is crucial for success in today’s volatile market. Once mastered you can trade virtually any investment with a high level of confidence, though I recommend mastering 3-4 investments at most and just trading those full time with pinpoint accuracy. Through my newsletter members learn exactly how to read the market and manage positions from my daily video market analysis, intraday updates, trade alerts and trading tips.

As you can see below I am anticipating weakness in the market over the next few days. Once those levels are reached or if the charts start hinting that a reversal back down is imminent I will be ready to take action using an inverse leveraged ETF.

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Gold 30 Minutes Chart Looking Back 2 Months

This chart will piss some people off for sure… but the chart to me is still pointing to lower prices at this time. Until we get a breakout above the upper resistance level I am not bullish on gold. Keep in mind that during strong selloffs in the stock market almost all investment drop together (gold, silver, oil, stocks).

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German DAX Daily Chart Looking Back 3 years

This chart shows the long term chart of the DAX which I think is giving us some insight to a global market bottom in the coming months. You will notice I painted the phases over the chart and where I feel the market is trading and where it is headed looking forward.

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Dollar Index Daily Chart Looking Back 3 Years

The dollar also shows us three years for price action. If this strong rally continues in the dollar we will see lower stock and commodity prices for a few more months.

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Trend Trading Idea Conclusion:

In short, I feel we have some very exciting times ahead along with huge potential trades starting to unfold. While I don’t want the market to collapse I will admit I prefer trading the short side of the market because fear is easier to trade than greed, not to mention prices drop much quicker than they rise… I’m sure you like making money fast also… J

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Stock Market Leaders Are Now Lagging?

Wednesday’s session closed mixed on the day. The DOW posted a third of a percent gain while the tech sector closed down almost nine tenths of a percent. While technology stocks have been leading the market higher in the recent months, today they took the back seat while the DOW took control.

Take a look at the intraday chart of the SPY price action compared to the tech sector. It’s clear the tech stocks where not in favor today. Some tech stocks that really took a beating today were FFIV, NTAP, APKT and AKAM.

On another note, we are entering earning season and I am wondering if we are going to see a “Sell the New” type of thing again.

The broad market is experiencing a 36 day down cycle which has played a very dominant roll in the market this year. It topped out 9 days ago so we should expect sideways chop or some selling over the next 9 trading session. Because the market is trending up, pullbacks should be shallow.

The market continues to grind its way higher on relatively light volume. I have been waiting several weeks now for the volume to come back into the market but its just not happening. The majority of shares being traded are from banks, funds and day traders as the average investor’s not taking part because of the uncertainty looming. The lack of volume (commitment) to the market from the masses is making the market internals swing from one extreme to another on virtually weekly basis making it more difficult to take advantage of short term extreme sentiment levels.

The current market environment has traders shifting gears to more of a momentum trading strategy to take advantage of trends and this is what I am going to start implementing again as the market expands.

Market Conclusion:
In short, the equities market is in an up trend but looks to be overbought. Also with the downward cycle I don’t think the market will expand here and take off. Rather it will most likely chop around and burn off time until some earnings are released and the cycle bottoms. Unless we get a really sharp reversal down which we have yet to see on the SP500 or DOW, nibbling on small long positions or staying in cash is what I am doing right now.

As for gold, silver, the dollar and oil… Well the dollar continues to lose value on a daily basis which in turn is boosting metals along with crude oil. All four of those investments are over extended but they are trending and not really looking like they want to reverse just yet.

Chris Vermeulen

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SP500 Fakeout & Market Trend

Sunday Sept 20th,
I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows the markets are manipulated… but during options expiry week we tend to see prices move beyond key resistance and support levels during times of light volume which triggers/shakes traders out of their positions.

Trading during low volume sessions Pre/Post holidays for swing traders or between 11:30am – 3:00pm ET for day traders tends have increased volatility and false breakouts. This happens because the market markets for individual stocks can slowly walk the prices up and down beyond short term support and resistance levels simply because there is a lack of participation in the market.

SP500 4 Hour Candlestick Chart

That being said, the chart below of the SPY (SP500 ETF) shows that last Thursday, (the day before Friday options expiry) the put call ratio was showing extreme bullishness. I also mentioned that we should expect a pop of 0.5 -2% in the next 24 hours as big guys will try to shake everyone out of their short positions (put options).

The put/call ratio indicator at the bottom of this chart is a contrarian indicator. When it shows that everyone has jumped to the bullish side, the big money knows its about time to change the direction so they can cash in at premium price levels.

SP500 60 Minute OptionsX Chart of the Week

If you look at the volume at the bottom of the chart you will see there are times where this virtually zero volume trades. The yellow high lighted section shows the overnight price surge which is very easy for the big guys to push higher as everyone sleeps.

Here is what they are doing. The light volume makes it easy to manipulate so they push it higher until key resistance is broken, then everyone who was short and had a protective stop in place will have their order executed. As the price rises, more and more stops get triggered. Also, with the rising number of traders becoming bullish from the previous session have buy orders to go long if key resistance is broken. This causes a virtually automated rally to unfold, but once the orders/buying dries up, the big guys start selling their positions at premium prices, pushing the price all the way back down to where the market closed the previous day.

In short, the big guys shook the majority of traders out of their positions Thursday night and pocketed a ridiculous amount of money. Crazy part is 99% of the public don’t even know this type of thing is happening while they sleep.

SP500 OptionsX Intraday Price Action

I thought I would show this chart as it shows the selling pressure in the market. What I find interesting about this chart is the fact there was more selling volume during options expiry week, but the prices continued to move higher.

From watching the market internals I saw the majority of traders go from bearish to bullish by the end of the week, and this really gave the big guys a huge advantage in my opinion. Each session selling volume took control with the big guys unloading bu the low volume afternoons naturally brought prices up again as more and more traders became bullish each session. This happened all week and Thursday night it looks as though they let the price rise allowing the key resistance level to be broken which caused a surge of buying which they could selling into. So what’s next…

SP500 / Broad Market Trading Conclusion:

In short, the market looks toppy and if all goes well, last weeks overnight shakeout just may have been a top. This week will start off slow and most likely with light volume until Wednesday. During light volume times, keep trading positions smaller than normal and remember there is a neutral/upward bias associated with light volume.

You can get my ETF and Commodity Trading Signals if you become a subscriber of my newsletter. These free reports will continue to come on a weekly basis; however, instead of covering 2-4 investments at a time, I’ll only be covering only one. Newsletter subscribers will be getting more analysis that’s actionable. I’ve also decided to add video analysis per customer’s request, and I’ll be covering more of the market to include currencies, bonds and sectors. Before everyone’s emails were answered personally, but now my focus is on building a strong group of newsletter traders and they will receive direct personal responses regarding trade ideas and analysis going forward.
Let the volatility and volume return!

Chris Vermeulen

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Do Stocks and Commodity ETFs Take a Pause or Melt Down?

Dec 6th, 2009
The first half of last week started out strong with stock and precious metal ETFs moving higher. The week ended with less certainty of direction. The energy sector underperformed the market with crude oil and natural gas moving lower.

Below are some ETF charts showing where the broad market and commodities are trading with some analysis showing what could transpire going into the year end holiday season.

DIA ETF – Daily Trading Chart
The DIA ETF that I am using to represent the Dow Industrial Average looks to be over bought and ready for a pullback. The broadening formation indicates volatility is rising and that the bulls are losing control. This pattern occurs in all time frames and in stocks, commodities and exchange traded funds. Remember this pattern when looking at charts as it could save you some money.

Using simple analysis we can see where the Dow is likely to test. With any luck this could happen quickly and be followed by a nice low volume rally going into to the holiday.

DIA ETF Trading

DIA ETF Trading

GLD Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Daily & Weekly Charts
Gold had a huge rally the first half of the week but gave it all back and then some on Friday. I have been warning about this sharp profit taking correction for a few days making sure everyone had tightened their stops or started to trim their positions. We locked in a nice 11.9% gain on Friday as our stop for GLD was triggered.

GLD fund is likely to trade in one of two scenarios this week:
1. Move side-ways after last week’s sell off
2. Or continue moving down as investors and short term traders review Friday’s action and place their sell orders for Monday.

Take a look at the small weekly chart which is located within the daily chart below. We had a very big volume week and a reversal candle indicating a shift in momentum. If we are lucky this could be a quick pause before another move up, but I am thinking gold will need several weeks to gain its footing. Only time will tell, and either way we will be ready.

GLD Exchange Trade Fund Alerts

GLD Exchange Trade Fund Alerts

SLV Fund – Daily & Weekly Charts
Silver had a sharp pullback with gold on Friday but because silver did not have investors tripping over each other trying to buy it like gold, the sell off was much more controlled. Silver breached the lower trend channel line but closed back above it to end the week.

Silver is trading at the lower level of its trend channel and at a support level. There is a good change it will bounce Monday or Tuesday. But until we see what gold is doing at the open Monday morning I would not be jumping into anything at this point.

The weekly chart shows a reversal candle signaling strong selling pressure and this is the reason I would not be buying here. Let’s watch for a few days and see what happens.

SLV Trading Analysis

SLV Trading Analysis

USO Oil Fund – Weekly Charts
Crude oil has been weak the past 2 months as it drifts sideways from the October breakout. Not much to say here other than let’s wait for some action and a low risk setup.

USO Oil Fund

USO Oil Fund

UNG Natural Gas Fund – 60 Minute and Weekly Chart
This year I think natural gas has taken more money from traders than any other fund. Virtually everyone has been burned by this extremely over sold commodity. The 60 minute chart shows three resistance levels. But if you combine all of them there is significant resistance from $8.80 – $9.25. That is the test of the August lows.

We reached the August lows and that is what triggered the bounce and short covering rally 2 weeks ago. We have now seen prices slip below that level on rising volume which is bearish. With prices below this major resistance level I think we will see sellers step in on each bounce to push prices back down.

UNG Natural Gas Trading Fund

UNG Natural Gas Trading Fund

Stocks and Commodity ETF Trading Conclusion:
The broad stock market looks ready for a small correction. That being said the tape does not lie and we continue to see money flow into stocks which is why the dow, sp500 and Russell 2000 are holding up well. These crossed signals are the reason money/position management is so important for traders. Scaling in and out of positions during oversold and overbought conditions is crucial for pulling money out of the market consistently.

I do this by tightening my stop to lock in a gain on 25-50% of my position, while holding a core position in the event prices continue to rise. This way I make a premium on part of my trade and have my stop moved to break even or higher for the core position allowing it some wiggle room as prices consolidate before the next leg higher.

Gold and silver could go either way quickly this week. We have locked in some good money last week and now we hold our core position. From here I expect the gold and silver to play out in one of three ways:
1. Prices continue higher and we ride our core positions for larger gains.
2. Price continues to correct and we get another low risk entry point to add to our core position, then prices rally.
3. Or, precious metals have a melt down and we take a small 5% gain on our core position.

Crude Oil and Natural Gas are not tradable at this time. We need to see more price action before a high probability setup will develop. Let’s watch and wait these out some more.

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