Price Spikes Are Back With Vengeance


The last few days the volatility index has jumped dramatically and so have the market-makers secret price spikes during pre and post market hours telling us where they are trying to move the market to within the next 24 hours.

Below is a chart showing this weeks spikes which I plan to start covering in more detail along with a training video on how to find, read and trade them.

The key with these small yet highly accurate trade setups is leverage. While they may not look like huge moves, when you apply leverage like using the ES mini futures contract these moves can generate $250 – $1000 within hours several times a week.



These are short term momentum and day trades, and the spike signals tell us the market direction/bias for the next 24 hours which is incredible insight.

If you want to know the big picture analysis you can see my economic and stock market cycles HERE, or listen to my recent radio interview HERE.

Stay tuned for more exciting trade ideas and setups!

Chris Vermeulen