Monday Dec 7th – Afternoon Update

Gold is making a come back as of this writing. the US$ is weakening. Great to see.

Silver and Oil continue to sell down as momentum from Friday’s selling carries over.
Natural gas is having another bounce today on big volume. It is trying to bottom down here but we have seen all bounces and rallies halted as sellers push prices lower.

Last week we locked in 11% return on a portion of our GLD trade. Our ANI.V trade is still doing very well as it is consolidating the large move up in the past few months and continues to drill test holes for gold.

DFSH has released a thorough overview of the numerous commercial opportunities it is currently pursuing . This information is precisely what I was given four weeks ago at a 3 hour briefing with the CEO in Florida.


Page 13 of this document states:
“We have been notified by SOMO (the Iraq State Oil Marketing Organization) of a crude oil contract (60 million barrels) to the American Refinery Group and two Fuel Oil Contracts (500K & 3 million MT)”

To put it bluntly, this is a staggering amount of oil that the company has been allocated from Iraq to broker. The fees that DFSH will earn from closing a single contract will be very exciting. I know they are working on some financing to put these contracts together as they require a security deposit (performance bond) for each contract. The contracts are worth several hundred million dollars the deposits are large.

Chris Vermeulen