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The Black Monday the Public Doesn’t Know About

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. I truly enjoyed myself and was able to have some creativity with my 18 month daughter. I got some new office chairs last week and I finally had time to assemble them during the rainy and windy black Monday here in Canada… Just like a child […]

The Risk-On Trades Are Back

The past month investors have been hit hard from the falling stock market. Those who owned gold and bonds have been rewarded. During times of economic fear which leads to selling of stock shares investors and traders find safety in gold and bonds. It was this surge of money coming out of stocks that propelled […]

Equities Are Hit With Panic Selling, What Does It Mean?

It was an exciting trading session Wednesday to say the least… With all the uncertainty floating around it is causing the stock market to be more volatile than normal. It seems like every other day there is some big headline news causing either strong buying of stocks or strong selling to take place. It’s this […]

The Dollar, Gold and SP500 Trend Analysis

The dollar is and has been in a strong down trend for many years and I feel as though it’s getting close to another major land slide. It could take place any time in the next month or so according to my weekly chart analysis. The general rule is if the dollar falls in value […]

Precious Metals and Crude Oil Shows Signs of Strength

The past couple months (May and June) have been tough on precious metals and crude oil. But recent price action shows that buyers are stepping back into the market buying up these commodities once again. Let’s take a quick look at the charts… Gold Futures Daily Chart: As you can see from the chart below, […]