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The Market You Trade Is Not Random…

The use of cycles is perhaps the most misunderstood areas of technical analysis. And is widely miss used within automated trading systems. This is because there are a wide variety of approaches ranging from magnetic, to astrology to time based cycles. The purpose of this tutorial on cycle analysis and implementation into automated trading systems […]


Trading System DevelopmentFrom a Novice to a Profitable Investor

When it comes to becoming a successful investor or your, automated trading system development process for that matter, there are some big picture things that you must have figured out. Here are some tips that will help you get started in becoming a long term consistent and profitable trader, investor or automated trading system developer. Having A […]


Using Options to Capitalize on Strong Fundamentals for Gold

My trading partner JW and I had a great talk the other day which spurred to the creation of this interesting and educational gold futures trading article we wanted to share with you. Throughout most of 2013, gold futures have been under major selling pressure. Gold opened the year trading around $1,675 per ounce. As […]