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A Holiday Gift and Investment Opportunity

Here we are again, down to the wire for us guys (if you are a guy) to get our Christmas shopping done, with only couple days left before it’s too late.   The question many of us are asking ourselves is what to get our family, friends, boss, partner etc. for the holiday season?   […]

The Fed, Rate Hike & Outlook

Today will be a big day for the European Central Banks (ECB) as they are on opposite sides of the FED. FED Chair Dr. Yellen appeared before Congress today to make her case to increase short-term rate at the FED on December 16, 2015. “WASHINGTON – Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen tells Congress that economic conditions are […]

The Next Market Move Investors Don’t Expect

The strong rally in the US Dollar since the past year has led to commodity markets selling off as investors pursued the equity markets led by years of accommodative monetary policy in a search for higher yielding assets. However, what goes up must eventually come down and the US Dollar is no different. With the […]

The Collapsing Global Trade

The global economic trade is down 8.4 percent so far this year. Among the many economic indicators that experts use to gauge the health of the world economy, the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) usually goes unnoticed. This Index offers an indication of the global demand and supply of major stock materials that are used by […]