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Precious Metals: Gold, Silver and Miners Are Trapped

The precious metal market has been stuck in a strong down trend since 2012. But the recent chart, volume and technical analysis is starting to show some signs that a bottom may have already taken place. This report focused on the weekly and monthly charts which allow us to see the bigger picture of where […]

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Why Investors Must Be Cautious At These Prices

Last week on October 8th the financial market experienced a broad based sell off. Every sector was down with utilities being the only exception. The individual leadership stocks, which are typically small to mid-cap companies (IWM – Russell 2K) that have a strong history and outlook of earnings growth, were hit hard as well. Whenever […]

Indexes continue to sputter on news out of Washington

While the indexes continue to sputter on news out of Washington, we continue to focus on the charts and trade with the trend and what we see. Understandably, several concerned subscribers have e-mailed me to get my thoughts on how we would handle such news. As usual, the media is playing with human emotions – […]

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Continuous Commodity Index Points to Rally in Gold & Silver

During the recent weeks we have seen commodities especially precious metals continue to drop in value. Market participant sentiment has become more bearish on commodities and couple that with a rising dollar it’s no wonder why we continue to see commodities as a whole fall in value. Money has been flowing out of bonds at […]