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Technical Evidence Indicates Major Price Movement Just Getting Started! Stocks around the globe were pummeled again last week. This is no surprise to our subscribers as our predictive trend analytics model gave us clear technical evidence that important multi-year highs had completed back in the middle of 2015. I continue to remain steadfastly bearish in my […]

These Monthly Stock Charts Say It All

Instead of talking about the all the manufactured strong earning numbers created by share buyback programs, sales being way down for most companies, shipping companies struggling for products to ship, and products and service prices being reduced to help generate sales (deflation), let me share with you some monthly charts that I think paint a […]

Can’t Say I Didn’t Tell You… $1200 Profit

If you didn’t read my post from last night that showed you why the stock market was going to drop Thursday morning to make a new low then reverse and rally read this really short post and see the charts: http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/when-and-what-do-next-%E2%80%93-djia-spx Today’s Simple, Logical, SPX Trade! Here is the trade I took today with subscribers or my […]

When and What to Do Next – DIA & SPY

Wednesday Jan 13th was a wild session for US equities and many great trading opportunities are about to take place in various indexes, sectors and commodities. Let me share with you two intraday updates I sent to subscribers during the trading session so you can get a feel for how technical analysis can assist us […]

Why China Will Bring Down The World Markets!

This coming New Year of 2016 is the year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese calendar. Will this cause wild gyrations in the Chinese and World stock markets, which are symbolized by the volatile nature of the Monkey? Many do not believe that China can derail the world economy, however, but here I explain […]

When Will They Bottom? Oil, SP500, then Exxon Mobil

A full blown bear market in energy resources and energy stocks has been underway since mid-2014. History shows that the price of crude oil typically bottoms before the broad stock market. And oil related stocks bottom at the same time or later than the broad market.   The monthly chart below shows how oil bottoms […]

Closed Another Winning Trade And New Forecast

Yesterday December 23rd we closed out a nice winning trade in XLE energy sector. If you have not yet closed the trade can should do so today and will locking an even larger gain of 4-5% return in only three days.   The stock market closes early today at 1 pm ET. Today volume will […]