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Next Banking Crisis Is Already Here – Opportunity!

When the next great financial crisis strikes, millions will be blindsided by what is coming and will be shocked by a “New Great Depression of The 21st Century”.  This does not have to happen to you. It is empowering to know what is coming and to understand why it is coming.  It is important to […]

Watch This Play By Play Setup Unfold

If you can’t stand reading like I do… then you will really enjoy this post and educational trade setup. This year my focus is on educating both short-term trades and passive long-term investors. My goal is to help as many people as possible understand what is taking place in the financial markets and how they […]

Central Banks Are Pushing the World Towards Deflation

With the entire world struggling to ward off global deflation, it is prudent to understand why the current actions by the Central Banks are now heading in the correct direction because… READ FULL ARTICLE: http://cnafinance.com/the-central-banks-are-pushing-the-world-towards-deflation-2/8340

Rogue Price Spikes Can Make You Money

Stocks are taking a breather today from the recent rally off our cycle lows and support level. As explained and shown in this morning’s video we are expecting stocks to stall out over the next 5 days and become choppy. Any weakness in stocks means money will flow into metals and that is what happened […]

“The 2016 Market Meltdown” and “The Golden Age”

The majority of the world’s stock indices topped out this month on Monday, February 1st, 2016 after a strong oversold technical bounce in price. Several indexes are now in the process of their first re-test of those multi-month lows which should act as support. My belief is that the FED will abandon its plan to […]

If you miss buying Gold – You will regret, it later

If you held LinkedIn, in your portfolio, you have lost more than 43% of your investment within a single day, and it is most likely to decline even further. In the current situation of flux, it is difficult to find an asset class where you can safely deposit your money. The stock market is dropping […]

XLU and TLT suggest that interest rates are going down

After a gap in time of almost a decade the FED increased interest rates on December 16th, 2015,. The SPX has a one day bounce from the news on the day of the announcement, then it turned negative and since that time the index plumeded 13%. The markets, which were rising, due to the low-interest-rate […]