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What GM, GS and XOM Do, So Does the Broad Market – Trading Strategy

Over the years working with professional traders I found it interesting how each individual has their bellwether stock they follow to gauge the stock markets trend and identify reversals before they take place. About 10 years ago I traded with a floor trader who swore that whatever GS (Goldman Sachs) did the market followed. Another […]


A Golden Rocket – Best of the Breed

Gold and gold stocks have be stabilizing for months and have been quietly rising. Many gold stocks are up 30% even 50% in the past three months. The $HUI AMEX Gold Bugs Index is up over 30% from the lows. If you think you have missed most of the move already you are wrong. The […]


My #1 Money Making Chart Pattern

Over the years Chris Vermeulen has identified a price pattern that consistently makes me money time and time again. This pattern is not found in books, nor is it talked about in any trading course or by any elite traders. What Is It And Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About It? Well that is a good question and […]


Gold Mining Juniors – Golden Rockets

Gold mining junior stocks (Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners Fund 0 GDXJ) looks poised for higher prices… Many traders are getting nervous about metals and gold stocks falling but if you ask me the chart looks very attractive.   Get My Gold Forecast & Gold Trades: Click Here

BBRY Chart Of The Week

I point out the BBRY (black berry chart). The last time it made this pattern (Stage 1 Base) we saw a quick 54% jump in price. This stock has bucked the broad market trends many times in the past. Meaning, if the SP500 rallied it would trade sideways or low, and during market sell offs we […]

The Dow & Transport ETF Play – The Dow Theory

The Dow Theory could be in play here with the broad market. When both the Transports (IYT) and the Dow Industrials (DIA) cannot make higher highs and start making lower lows the market has topped according to Dow Theory. We are watching the transports closely because the Dow chart has already made a lower low and […]