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Only Safe Haven Left In The World Is Gold

Globally, Central Banks are resorting to measures which have never before been witnessed in history. Since the beginning of time, ‘boom and bust cycles’ have been a natural economic cycle. Economies, globally auto-correct themselves by punishing the ‘excesses’ and ‘rewarding prudence.’ Find out exactly what you can do to protect yourself and profit! READ SPECIAL […]

Gold’s Next 10% Move is Down, Not Up

Gold’s Next 10% Move is Down, Not Up Gold has been on a tear since the start of this year. It is the best performing asset with a 16% rise in 2 months, however, if you are planning to enter gold at these current levels, you are likely in for a big surprise. Gold is […]

Gold Cycles Are Topping – Believe It or Not

Its beginning to feel a lot like greed buying in stocks and metals… As talked about in today’s video and many other times in the past 10 days we are waiting to see if we get a bearish price pattern on gold miners, or a blow off time. Today looks and feels like a blow-off […]

How to Spot Short Term Market Tops & Bottoms with Ease

Yesterday the US stock market posted massive gains with indexes closing up 2-3%. We don’t see that very often. This type of price action is what causes most traders and investors to become bullish at the wrong time I could write a book on the characteristics of a bear market but the important point for […]

Gold Spike Reached Target! – Cha-Ching!

Last Wednesday I sent out an update telling you we have a price spike pointing to higher prices.. well today that level was reached, and in fact last night we had a spike down… likely gold rolls over today.   Chris Vermeulen – Follow My Lead As Premium Subscriber: www.TheGoldAndOilGuy.com

Important Update & Price Spikes

—————————————– UPDATED March 1st… —————————————– Well, I just woke up to get an early start reviewing the market and I see the SPY (SP500 Index) has already reached it’s post-market spike… Geez that was fast. See updated chart below. But that is like 6or 7 of these SPY price spikes we have seein the past […]

Words Cant Say Enough – Wow Profits!

I hope you have been watching and learning about these price spike moves I am sharing… Market just did it again and nailed another target that had a $2-$4 profit per share move depending when you got in, IF you got in. I should not these are trade ideas for intraday/momentum traders but just look […]


Chris Vermeulen joins us today as a preview to this weekend’s show to discuss his outlook on the precious metals. The move in gold has been great but are we due for a natural / healthy correction? And why has silver not moved tot he degree that gold has? LISTEN NOW: CLICK HERE

How to Trade Price Spikes Part 1

I just wanted to touch base with regards to the SPY price spikes on the recent setup this week and the new setup that I signaled last night to everyone. It’s best if you read this really short post and most importantly see the three charts. The focus should be on the last chart as […]