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Real Estate Crash Is The Next Shoe To Drop

The past few weeks and months have been very interesting to see how the global central banks and governments have attempted to position themselves ahead of this COVID-19 virus event.  We continue to suggest that we are just starting the process of navigating through this potentially destructive virus event.  We believe the sudden onset of […]

Must Watch Market Analysis Videos: Gold, Silver, S&P500, Oil

Here are a few of the best videos right now on where the financial markets are going next and how to trade them stress-free and with a trading plan. This covers the S&P500, bonds, gold, silver, miners, natural gas, and crude oil WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS POTENTIAL MARKET TOP KILLER MARKET ANALYSIS […]

The Fed Induced Twilight-Zone

The past three weeks have been filled with intense drama, incredible highs and lows, political battles that continue to this day, and millions of questions from people throughout the world.  Throughout this COVID-19 virus event and the collapse of the US and global markets, one continued belief has prevailed – the US Fed will attempt […]

Banking & Finance Expected To Get Crushed

Big news out today on CNBC about Gilead drug cured all 125 people from serious COVID-19 conditions within 5 days, This is amazing to hear, stocks are popping today up 3-5% which is to be expected for this type of news but the damage to the financial markets has already been done. But early data […]

The Next Big Breakout Trade: Large Cap Gold Stocks

This technical analysis video I put together has a lot of great trading opportunities in it while providing a lot of educational content to help you see the markets and trade in a way that will reduce your risk/exposure when needed. I use my BAN trading strategy which is I focus on the Best Asset […]

If Investors Crunched Data This Their Expectations Would Change Dramatically

New economic data being released as earnings start to hit may alter how investors perceive the recent price recovery in the US and global markets.  Many institutional analysts began suggesting “the bottom is in” and recently began to issue stronger forward guidance.  The new data suggests we are seeing an economic contraction that, in some […]

Could This Be a “Suckers” Rally?

Everyone I know who is not involved in the stock market or has little knowledge about it is calling me and asking what stocks, indexes, and commodities to buy because everything is so cheap and dividends are juicy again. Just look at the market sentiment chart, and price cycles that the stock market goes through, […]

Downside Opportunities Everywhere – Watch These Symbols

As the global markets enter the Q1 earnings season where a host of new data and expectations will flood the markets over the next 30+ days, skilled traders should put these three symbols on their watch-list over the next few days and weeks. We’ve been writing about how we believe the downside risks within the […]

AI Fibonacci Modeling Predicts $26 As Next Silver Target

Our Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling system incorporates an intelligent “Inference Engine” into internal decision-making and future analysis.  This type of “Adaptive Learning” is one of the core elements of Artificial Intelligence – the ability to read inputs, adapting to price structures and setups and infer expected outcomes/results based on a complex decision-making process.  Today, we […]

Finding the Great Opportunities in Tumultuous Markets

WATCH VIDEO BELOW Chris discusses his unique trading methodology, which focuses primarily on price and not fundamentals. After studying the markets extensively, he found what works best for him is a very systematic logical process that ignores the news. Today he builds trading systems that follow this methodology. Their long-term supercycle statistical analysis was indicating […]