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Real Estate Crash The Next Shoe To Drop – Part III

Our continued research into the state and status of the Real Estate market continues to point to a process that is starting to unfold in the US which may put price and activity levels at risk.  Within the past two segments of this research article, we’ve highlighted how market cycles and recent market data point […]

Gold on the Cusp of Reaching $2,100

Chris Vermeulen, CEO & Founder of Technical Traders Ltd., joins Tom Bodrovics at Palisade Radio to discuss the markets and Chris says, “This is the time to really be paying attention to the markets… It could be a bloodbath.” Chris is seeing uncertainty that could bring equities lower as money is flowing into safe havens. The charts are […]

Real Estate Crash The Next Shoe To Drop – Part 2

As we continue to delve into the looming Real Estate crisis that will likely hit the US and globe over the next 12 to 24+ months, we want to focus on the human psychological process of dealing with a crisis event and how that relates to economic engagement.  In the first part of this research […]

Gold Stock About To Rally While Oil Becomes Less Than Worthless, What?

Another great morning talking with the team at TraderTV.live These guys are nothing short of incredible traders, educators, and entertainers. If you want a morning trading show that timely, gives out trade ideas, and will make you laugh, this is it, guys! I keep pounding my fists on the table hoping people can see what I […]

Is Stock Market Volatility About to Spike Higher than March?

A very interesting setup is currently taking place in the VIX chart with our Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling system that has us quite concerned.  The Daily VIX chart running our Fibonacci Price Modeling system, which is one of our primary price modeling tools, is suggesting upside price targets for the VIX near 110, 134 and […]

Real Estate Crash Is The Next Shoe To Drop

The past few weeks and months have been very interesting to see how the global central banks and governments have attempted to position themselves ahead of this COVID-19 virus event.  We continue to suggest that we are just starting the process of navigating through this potentially destructive virus event.  We believe the sudden onset of […]

Must Watch Market Analysis Videos: Gold, Silver, S&P500, Oil

Here are a few of the best videos right now on where the financial markets are going next and how to trade them stress-free and with a trading plan. This covers the S&P500, bonds, gold, silver, miners, natural gas, and crude oil WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS POTENTIAL MARKET TOP KILLER MARKET ANALYSIS […]

The Fed Induced Twilight-Zone

The past three weeks have been filled with intense drama, incredible highs and lows, political battles that continue to this day, and millions of questions from people throughout the world.  Throughout this COVID-19 virus event and the collapse of the US and global markets, one continued belief has prevailed – the US Fed will attempt […]

Banking & Finance Expected To Get Crushed

Big news out today on CNBC about Gilead drug cured all 125 people from serious COVID-19 conditions within 5 days, This is amazing to hear, stocks are popping today up 3-5% which is to be expected for this type of news but the damage to the financial markets has already been done. But early data […]

The Next Big Breakout Trade: Large Cap Gold Stocks

This technical analysis video I put together has a lot of great trading opportunities in it while providing a lot of educational content to help you see the markets and trade in a way that will reduce your risk/exposure when needed. I use my BAN trading strategy which is I focus on the Best Asset […]