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Precious Metals Trading Charts for Gold Silver and Oil

Thursday Night Trading Charts I have put together a short update just so you can see were we stand for gold, silver and oil at these current price levels. Trading Report & Charts: http://www.thegoldandoilguy.com/PreciousMetalsTradingNewsletterApril23.php Just to let you know the e-book which Jerry Grenough & I put together on New World Order Economics, What You […]

April 22 – Gold, Silver & Oil Trading Update

Wednesday Night Market Update: Silver and gold have been moving higher the past few days as the broad market starts to show signs of exhaustion and becoming unstable with large intraday swings. If you take a look at the SPY or DIA intraday charts you will see the heavy sell off into the close which […]

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Press Release, New World Order Economic Crisis Investing in 2009

PRESS RELEASE – FACT SHEET ON: NEW WORLD ORDER ECONOMICS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOURSELF – Crisis Investing in 2009 Book Title: As above Publisher: Taylor Forensics Price: $ 24.95 Type of Book: eBook Crisis Investing in 2009 Webpage and Provided by Chris Vermeulen – TheGoldAndOilGuy: J.T. Grenough – New World Order Economics […]

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Gold, Silver & Oil Newsletter Update Jan 25th

GOLD TRADING April gold closed sharply higher on Friday and above December’s high crossing at 892.20 thereby renewing the rally off October’s low. The high-range close sets the stage for a steady to higher opening on Monday. Stochastics and the RSI are bullish signaling that sideways to higher prices are possible near-term. If April extends […]

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Gold, Silver & Energy Commentary Update Wed Morning

PRECIOUS METALS  February gold closed higher on Tuesday due to short covering as it consolidated some of Monday’s decline. The high-range close sets the stage for a steady to higher opening on Wednesday. Despite today’s rebound, stochastics and the RSI have turned bearish signaling that a short-term top might be in or is near. Closes […]