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USO ETF – Trade Setup Of The Week – Video

In the trader tip video below, Chris explores an opportunity appearing on the Crude Oil ETF USO chart in the energy sector. Looking at the daily chart, the 200-day moving average is showing as a major level of support since early 2021. Narrowing in on the shorter-term price action, crude oil has gone through a […]

Do Fed Rate Decisions Affect The Price Patterns For Gold?

Many traders are focused on Gold as price has contracted over the past 5+ weeks, and the $1700 level is being retested. This prompted my team and I to do some research related to the US Federal Reserve’s recent rate increases and how Gold has previously reacted to rising and falling interest rates. Exploring Price […]

Ford (F) – Trade Setup Of The Week – Video

This week Brian sets his eyes on Ford, ticker symbol F. Through repeated economic and political cycles during their history, Ford has come out the other side in good shape. Though there have been supply chain issues and general worry about the overall economy, the Ford chart is looking good ahead of the earnings report. […]

UUP ETF – Trade Setup Of The Week Video

In the trader tip video, Chris talks about the US Dollar Index ETF UUP. We have been talking about the UUP for the past couple of months which has been one of the strongest currencies. UUP has also been trending higher while the rest of the stock and bond market has been falling. We also […]

Will U.S. Dollar Uptrend Slow Foreign Real Estate Investment In The US?

The U.S. Dollar uptrend has been going on since January 6th, 2021: U.S. Dollar is at a 14-year high 2020-2022 U.S. Presidential Cycle: USD appreciated +18.33% to date 2016-2020 U.S. Presidential Cycle: USD depreciated – 12.80% 2012-2016 U.S. Presidential Cycle: USD appreciated +37.20% International investors interested in buying U.S. real estate are having issues as […]

What Are The Driving Forces Behind The Shift In Global Market Risks?

Global market risks have shifted dramatically over the past 90+ days. It almost seems as though the global markets turned 180 degrees overnight, generally going from moderately soft monetary policies to very extreme monetary policies and conditions. This sudden shift caught many traders and investors off guard and resulted in -20% to -25% losses for […]

Compared To The USD, Auto Company Stocks Are On A Summer Vacation

Summer is here, and it’s time for a vacation. But this year, flight schedules are anything but reliable, and that new car for the road trip is probably not available at the local Toyota, Honda, Tesla, General Motors, Ford, etc dealership. Due to chip shortages and other issues, most car dealerships have little to no […]

LLY ETF – Trade Setup Of The Week Video

In the trader tip video, Brian talks about the ELI LILLY ticket symbol LLY. It’s a beautiful looking chart for LLY, one that we are not seeing too many of in this bearish market. LLY recently had a breakout above the area around three twenty. One way to play this with some margin of safety […]

BIL ETF – Trade Setup Of The Week Video

In the trader tip video, Chris talks about the Treasury bill ETF BIL and the importance of protecting and saving your capital. We don’t believe anyone should be holding assets that are falling in value. With that being said, the Buy & Hold strategy is just that. You’ll buy it and hold it, and you can […]

Physical Gold Or Silver – Is It Time To Buy? Sprott Monthly PM Video

Chris sits down with Craig Hemke of Sprott Money to talk about recent moves in precious metals, crude oil, and the US dollar. It’s been a tough year so far with money flowing out of stocks. Will the overall downtrend trend continue or is a big market shift coming? And is now the time to buy physical […]