• Predictive Price Modeling Shows New Price Highs Are Imminent October 22, 2018
    Our proprietary adaptive learning tools, specifically our adaptive predictive price modeling tool, is clearly illustrating higher price rotation over the next few weeks with a strong potential that the US equities markets will break to be all-time highs near Dec 2018 or early 2019. Our research team has spent more than a decade studying the […]
  • Skilled Traders Can Find Profits In Small Caps October 20, 2018
    The recent downside price rotation in the US Equities markets has been a blessing for skilled traders.  The opportunities for profits are setting up all over the markets – you just have to look for them and understand price theory. The Small Cap ETF, TNA, is setting up a nearly perfect example of a quick […]
  • Detailed Map Of Expected Price Movement Before The Breakout October 18, 2018
    Our research team was hard at work over the past few days.  Not only were they able to call this downside price swing 3+ weeks in advance, they also called the market bottom within 0.5% of the absolute lows.  Now, they have put together a suggested “map” of what to expect in regards to price […]
  • Trump: The Federal Reserve is my Biggest Threat October 18, 2018
    HoweStreet.com Radio with host Jim Goddard – October 17, 2018 #Trump: The #FederalReserve is my Biggest Threat #StockMarkets, hashtag#Gold, #USDollar, #Energy, and Transports Guest: Chris Vermeulen GET CHRIS’ TRADE ALERTS TODAY! – CLICK HERE The post Trump: The Federal Reserve is my Biggest Threat appeared first on ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long Term Investing Signals.
  • US Equities Mount Impressive Early Recovery October 16, 2018
    As fast as the downside breakout occurred, the upside recovery appears to be taking place as Q3 Earnings begin to hit the news wires.  This past weekend, the news cycles and market experts all seemed to have opinions about where the US equities market was headed after last week’s price collapse.  We’ve read everything from […]
  • Technology Sector Set For A Rebound? October 16, 2018
    There has been quite a bit of chatter about the FANG stocks recently.  In fact, the entire Technology Sector has taken a beating over the past 30+ days.  Our research team, at Technical Traders Ltd., believes the Technology sector is setting up for a 15%+ price rebound from these recent lows and we want to […]
  • Untitled October 15, 2018
    There has been quite a bit of information and opinion in the news recently regarding the recent downside price action in the US Equities markets.  We’ve seen everything from “The sky is falling” to “The markets will rally into the end of the year”.  If you’ve been following our research and analysis, you already know […]
  • Bitcoin Breakdown May Push Prices Below $5000 October 12, 2018
    Recent market turmoil across the global stock markets has refocused investors on the concerns of global economics, trade, and geopolitical issues – away from cryptocurrencies.  The biggest, Bitcoin, has been under extended pricing pressure recently and our research team believes Bitcoin will breach the $6000 level to the downside fairly quickly as extended global market […]
  • US Transportation Index Suggests Bottom May Be Forming October 11, 2018
    Our research team, at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, is alerting our members that the Transportation Index has reached its first level of support near 10,500 and this level may be the start of an extended bottoming formation.  If you have been following our research posts, you already know that we predicted this recent downside price swing over 3 […]
  • Dollar Engulfing Bearish Pattern Warns Of Dollar Weakness October 11, 2018
    A unique setup has occurred in the UUP (Invesco DB US Dollar Index) that resembles an Engulfing Bearish type of pattern (even though it is not technically an Engulfing Bearish pattern).  Technically, an Engulfing Bearish pattern should consist of a green candle followed by a larger red candle whereas the red candle’s body (the open […]