• Has the Equities Waterfall Event Started Or A Buying Opportunity? February 25, 2020
    Over the past 5+ days, a very clear change in market direction has taken place in the US and global markets.  Prior to this, the US markets were reacting to Q4 earnings data and minimizing the potential global pandemic of the Coronavirus.  The continued “rally to the peak” process was taking place and was very […]
  • Yield Curve Patterns – What To Expect In 2020 February 24, 2020
    Quite a bit of information can be gleaned from the US Treasury Yield Curve charts.  There are two very interesting components that we identified from the Yield Curve charts below.  First, the bottom in late 2018 was a very important price bottom in the US markets.  That low presented a very deep bottom in the […]
  • Gold Rallies As Fear Take Center Stage February 21, 2020
    Gold has rallied extensively from the lows near $1560 over the past 2 weeks.  At first, this rally didn’t catch too much attention with traders, but now the rally has reached new highs above $1613 and may attempt a move above $1750 as metals continue to reflect the fear in the global markets. We’ve been […]
  • Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part IV February 20, 2020
    As we continue to get more and more information related to the Coronavirus spreading across Asia and Europe, the one thing we really must consider is the longer-term possibility that major global economies may contract in some manner as the Chinese economy is currently doing.  The news suggests over 700+ million people in China are […]
  • Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part III February 19, 2020
    FANG stocks seem uniquely positioned for some extreme rotation over the next 6+ months.  The continued capital shift that has taken place over the past 5+ years has driven investment and capital into the Technology sector – much like the DOT COM rally.  The euphoric rally in the late 1990s seems quite similar to today. […]
  • Palladium, Gold, US Dollar February 19, 2020
    Get Chris’ trade alerts complete with price targets, and stop-loss levels. Get Access Now – CLICK HERE The post Palladium, Gold, US Dollar appeared first on ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long Term Investing Signals.
  • Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part II February 18, 2020
    In the first section of this article, we highlighted three key components/charts illustrating why the “rally to the peak” is very likely a result of a continued Capital Shift away from risk and into the US stock market as an attempt to avoid foreign market growth concerns.  This method of pouring capital into the US […]
  • Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part I February 14, 2020
    One thing that continues to amaze our research team is the total scale and scope of the Capital Shift which is taking place across the globe.  For almost 5+ years, foreign investors have been piling into the US stock market chasing the stronger US dollar and continued advancement of US share prices.  It is almost […]
  • Shipping Rates Plunge, Commodities and Stocks May Follow February 12, 2020
    An almost immediate reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak in China and throughout most of the world has sent shock-wave through the global markets – particularly seen in Shipping and Oil.  The actions within China to attempt to contain the virus spread include shutting down entire cities and setting up mass quarantine events.  It is estimated […]
  • 2020 – A Close Look At What To Expect February 11, 2020
    Quite a bit has changed in the global markets and future expectations over the past 4+ weeks.  Q4 2019 ended with a bang.  US/China Trade Deal, US signing the USMCA Continental Free Trade Agreement, BREXIT and now the Wuhan Virus.  On top of all of that, we’ve learned that Germany and Japan have entered a […]