• Oil, Hot Stocks, and Currencies – Part III May 21, 2019
    In our continued effort to help skilled traders/investors understand the future risks associated with geopolitical market turmoil, the EU Elections next week and the continued US/China trade war, this Part III of our Sector Rotation article will highlight certain sectors that we believe may continue to perform over the next 12 to 24+ months and […]
  • US vs. Global Sector Rotation – What Next? Part 1 May 20, 2019
    Our research team, at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, have been pouring over the charts and data to identify what is likely to happen over the next 60+ days in terms of global stock market volatility vs. the US stock market expectations.  Recently, we posted a research article highlighting our Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) predictive modeling system on the […]
  • Major Gold caps getting more attention than Juniors May 18, 2019
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  • Markets Rally Hard – Is The Volatility Move Over? May 17, 2019
    Many traders are watching the recent 3-day rally thinking “this is the end of the downside price move” and targeting new entry positions for the eventual upside price breakout.  We’re here to warn you that our ADL predictive modeling system is suggesting we could see more volatility over the next 45+ days before a price […]
  • Crude Oil Fails At Critical Fibonacci Level May 16, 2019
    Crude Oil recently rallied up to the $63 level and failed. This level is a key Fibonacci price level based on our proprietary adaptive Fibonacci price modeling system.  It represents a Fibonacci Long Trigger Level that would suggest that a new bullish price trend could setup if and when the price of Crude Oil rallies […]
  • How Sustainable Is The Move Into Safe Havens? May 15, 2019
    Chris Vermeulen. Founder of The Technical Traders joins me to share his thoughts on the recent flow of money into safe haven assets. During the selloff, yesterday in US markets money moved into bonds, gold, and back into the USD. We discuss just how long this run could last and which sectors Chris is the […]
  • Our Long-Anticipated Gold Momentum Rally Begins May 15, 2019
    Over the past 6+ months, we’ve been covering the price rotations in precious metals very closely.  We’ve issued a number of amazing calls regarding Gold and Silver over the past few months.  Two of the biggest calls we’ve made were the late 2018 research post that suggested Gold would rally to above $1300, then stall.  […]
  • Trade Issues Will Drive Market Trends – PART II May 14, 2019
    In PART I of this report we talked about and showed you the charts of the Hang Seng and DAX index charts and what is likely to unfold. In today’s report here we touch on the US markets. As we’ve suggested within our earlier research posts this year, US election cycles tend to prompt massive […]
  • How To Trade The Current Market Volatility/Crash/Recovery May 13, 2019
    This is a delayed video sample of what I share with members to my Wealth Trading Newsletter each and every morning before the market opens. Learn, Be Alerted, and Profit! http://www.TheTechnicalTraders.com The post How To Trade The Current Market Volatility/Crash/Recovery appeared first on ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long Term Investing Signals.
  • How Chinese Trade Issues Will Drive Market Trends May 13, 2019
    It is becoming evident that the US/Chinese trade issues are going to become a point of contention for the markets going forward.  We’ve been review as much news as possible in an attempt to build a consensus for the future of the US markets and global markets.  As of last week, it appears any potential […]