• Expect Gold & Silver to pullback before the next move higher December 13, 2018
    Our team of researchers, at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, believe the recent upward price move in Gold has reached a level where prices will pause and retrace a bit before the next big leg higher begins. The recent downward pricing pressures in the US and global stock markets have prompted Gold to move well above recent highs near […]
  • Natural Gas setup for a big move lower December 12, 2018
    Our proprietary Fibonacci predictive modeling system is suggesting Natural Gas is about to break down below the $4.30 level and move aggressively toward the $3.05~3.25 level.  This could be an incredible move for energy traders and a complete bust for existing longs. This Weekly Natural Gas chart is showing our Fibonacci Predictive modeling system and […]
    Chris Vermeulen, Founder of The Technical Traders looks at the recent move into safe haven asset, gold, USD, and treasuries. We assess the overall strength of this move and most importantly how long it could last. With it seems the majority of investors now worried about a recession there are some things we can learn […]
  • Is a deleveraging event about to unfold in the stock market? December 11, 2018
    As 2018 draws to a close and the global equities markets continue to find pricing and valuation pressures driving prices lower, a few questions come to mind for all investors/traders – Is a deleveraging event about to unfold?  What will it look like if it does happen and how can I protect my investments from […]
  • Waiting for Gold to Erupt December 9, 2018
    As we are watching the US and global markets rotate dramatically lower over the past few days, we have been advising our members that we believe this rotation is an over-reaction to economic impetuses and trade issues – not a massive downside price break.  Overall, some of our longer-term technical indicators are currently bearish, as […]
  • Renewed Economic Optimism Will Hold Metals Near Recent Lows December 4, 2018
    The US stocks are already up 1.5%, and gold 1.1% or more on news originating from Argentina from the G20 meeting.  The commitment from the US and China to restore talks and hold off on new trade tariffs for a 90-day period of time allows the markets some breathing room and some time to digest […]
  • US and Asian Markets POP on G20 News December 3, 2018
    This weekend could have turned out extremely positive or extremely negative for the global markets.  It appears the news about the US and China adopting a 90 resolve to prevent escalation of trade issues in an attempt to foster a more suitable outcome for global trade was received by the global equity markets with great […]
  • PART II – Global Economic Perceptions Are Shifting December 3, 2018
    The continued efforts of our research team to identify and quantify the possibility that the capital shift which has taken place over the past 18+ months may be shifting to other assets is in the interest of all global investors.  Is there a new, more opportunistic investment that will take away from the capital that […]
  • Global Economic Perceptions Are Shifting – PART I November 30, 2018
    Our researchers spent a good portion of the holiday weekend researching a continued capital shift that is taking place in the US equities markets and throughout the global market.  Over the past 20+ months, a massive capital shift has taken place where investment capital fled weaker global economies and rushed into the US stock market […]
  • Bitcoin Crashes Over 50% From Recent Highs November 25, 2018
    Crypto enthusiasts were crushed over the Thanksgiving holiday when a fight over Bitcoin Cash and very thin liquidity prompted a massive price breakdown from recent highs.  This downside move reflects a true price breakdown where Bitcoin bulls have to rethink their future strategies. Back in October 2018, we warned that price MUST rally above the […]