• Gold and US Stock Election and Decade Cycles July 19, 2019
    Recently I have been trying to show all the different angles to look at and analyze the US stock market and the precious metals sector. At the end of this report, I will share with you several other crucial angles and charts you must see for our self.  There are several very intriguing things unfolding […]
  • Double Top In Transportation and Metals Breakout Are Key Topping Signals July 18, 2019
    Our researchers identified this critical Double-Top pattern in the Transportation Index after a very strong price rally on Friday, July 12.  Double-Top patterns are very important in terms of Fibonacci price structure because they reflect a complete price rejection at a certain price level.  In this case, the TRAN Double Top level is $10,655 and […]
  • Financial Crisis Bear Market Is Scary Close July 16, 2019
    Everyone knows something bad is brewing not just in the USA but globally within the financial systems. Most countries are bankrupt, and almost all currencies have been losing value for the past year. Everyone is playing the game of musical chairs and getting creative with how they borrow, lend, create, and steal money in hopes […]
  • NQ Should Reach 8031 Before Topping July 16, 2019
    With earnings data starting to hit the markets and recent news that China’s economic activity levels shrank to levels not seen in nearly 30 years, we believe our proprietary Fibonacci price modeling system is showing us a target level in the NASDAQ (NQ) that will likely be reached within the next 7 to 10 days.  […]
  • Earnings may surprise the stock market – Watch Out! July 16, 2019
    I believe the outcome of the past 6+ months with regards to global trade, currency devaluations, and consumer sentiment will result in weaker US earnings in Q2 than at any time over the past 3+ years.  We believe US stocks, after recently breaching key psychological price levels ($300 SPY and $3000 ES) are poised to […]
  • Mid-August Is A Critical Turning Point For US Stocks July 15, 2019
    Our cycle and predictive modeling solutions have been suggesting that Mid-August 2019 will likely prompt a major inflection point in the US stock markets and we have been attempting to warn our followers about this for months.  Our continued efforts to identify this big breakdown price move in term of timing and expected range have […]
  • Right on the Gold Bull Market July 12, 2019
      Chris Vermeulen had been calling for a gold breakout for a number of months. Some FSN Members snarkily doubted his call. However, they’re not doubting him any longer, what with gold breaking resistance and now hovering near $1400 the ounce. Chris oil call was also remarkably on the money, with oil crashing to the low […]
  • Major Index Top In 3 to 5 Weeks? July 11, 2019
    Our researchers rely on a number of proprietary tools and cycle forecasting technology.  Additionally, we use custom index charts to help measure price cycles, trends, support & resistance and many other aspects of the markets.  Recently, we posted an article relating to the US Dollar and foreign currencies using custom index techniques.  In the past, […]
  • Gold, Platinum, Palladium – HoweStreet Radio Show July 11, 2019
    Follow Chris’ Technical Trading Signals Today! CLICK HERE The post Gold, Platinum, Palladium – HoweStreet Radio Show appeared first on ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long Term Investing Signals.
  • Predictive Modeling Suggest Oil Headed Much Lower July 11, 2019
    Our Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) predictive price modeling system is suggesting Crude Oil will likely continue to find resistance near $64 as a price ceiling and trend lower over the next 3 to 5 months – eventually breaking below the $40 price level near the end of 2019 or in early 2020. Our research team […]