• After This Holiday Rally, You Better Know When To Walk Away November 23, 2022
    This week’s investor insight will make you think twice about the current stock and bond rally as we head into the end of the year. We get a lot of questions about if the stock market has bottomed or if it is headed lower and how they can take advantage of the next Major market... […]
  • How To Build Wealth Using ETFs Without Knowing How to Trade November 16, 2022
    Let’s kickstart things and conduct a quick thought experiment, shall we? Who is wealthier? Someone who works eighty hours per week and earns $450,000 per year, or… Someone who works 20 hours per week and earns $250,000 per year? Insert the Jeopardy theme song here…! There is no right or wrong answer because multiple strong... […]
  • Hi Ho Silver!  Different Ways To Get In On The Action November 11, 2022
    Precious metal prices – gold, silver – and related miners have been bearish for quite some time now.  It looks like that is starting to change.  When I look at the charts for gold and silver, I see similar periods of consolidation with multiple tests of support.  But even more interesting is the recent upturn... […]
  • BrainFreeze Challenge – Polar Plunge! November 11, 2022
    TheTechnicalTraders team, plus hundreds of others, are leading the charge in awareness and fundraising to help reduce youth suicide and would love your support. The BrainFreeze challenge we will be filming is Nov 26th so time is ticking for us to reach our goal to help as many kids as possible.Photo: Chris, Val, Elizabeth, Ashley... […]
  • The Worst Case Scenario for Retired or Nearly Retired Investors Who Are 55+ September 23, 2022
    I just did some research and wrote about it. I should be clear that you may find this article a little unsettling if you are nearing retirement or have already retired. On the other hand, it’s an eye-opener because the financial markets and different asset prices paint an interesting picture. But, I believe being armed […]
  • Are The US Markets in Stage #4 Of The Excess Phase Peak Pattern? September 23, 2022
    In 2020 & 2021, we published a very well-received series of articles related to a longer-term pattern we called the Excess Phase Peak pattern. At that time, we highlighted the five (5) components of the Excess Phase Peak pattern and provided a number of examples showing how it usually played out for traders. You can […]
  • Discovering The World Of Options – Buying Or Selling September 19, 2022
    Long before weekly options were a thing when ticks were still in 16ths, and we downloaded batches of chart data over a dial-up modem…I “discovered” the world of options. Like most options newcomers, I first learned about buying options – either Calls or Puts – to hopefully profit in a directional move of the underlying stock. I’d […]
  • Crude Oil Prices – Will They Hold Above Key Support Level Or Begin To Unwind? September 8, 2022
    Talk of a Global Recession may prompt a broad decline in Crude Oil prices as the excesses of the past 10+ years unwind. This unwinding process pushed to the forefront for traders and investors has been prompted by a massive inflationary expansion after the COVID-19 lockdowns. How will it play out in the short-term and […]
  • ABT – Options Trader Tip Of The Week September 3, 2022
    In the trader tip video below, Brian is having a look at ABT (Abbott Laboratories) charts. ABT has been going through a period of consolidation since about the end of June. More recently, in the last several days, ABT has been looking a little more bullish, turning to the upside. One thing we could do […]
  • MJ – Trader Tip Of The Week – Video September 3, 2022
    In the trader tip video below, Chris dives into MJ which is the Alternative Harvest ETF. MJ was a hot commodity back in 2020 but has then fizzled out and become one of those sectors that continues to slide, making new multi-year lows. With that said, we have seen gross stocks start to come to […]