• Panic Selling on New York Stock Exchange August 16, 2018
    Follow our analysis and read all of our past research posts by visiting www.TheTechnicalTraders.com.  Learn how we can help you stay ahead of these moves and find new opportunities in the markets.  53 years experience in researching and trading makes analyzing the complex and ever-changing financial markets a natural process. We have a simple and highly […]
  • Is Solar Rising From The Ashes Again? August 14, 2018
    Recently, the Solar Energy sector has popped up on our watch-list of potential sectors to pay attention to.  Over the past few weeks, the Solar Energy sector has been under some pricing pressure and has retraced nearly 50% of the previous trend across the sector.  We, the research team at Technical Traders Ltd. understand the […]
  • Oil And Energies On The Move Lower August 12, 2018
    If you have been following our analysis and research of the Crude Oil trend and the energy sector, you know we’ve been suggesting Crude would attempt a move lower and attempt to retest the $58~63 level.  It appears the breakdown in prices has begun. Our research team, at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, uses an array of proprietary technology, […]
  • PART II – US Markets Higher Until November 2018 August 7, 2018
    Now, we are ready to share some new research that will help all of us understand the current and future market conditions given the ratios of the capital markets to GDP as represented in our previous article Part I.  The research team at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com believe we have identified a means of structurally understanding the US capital markets […]
  • PART I – US Markets Higher Until November 2018 August 7, 2018
    Our research team at Technical Traders Ltd. have been laboring over the recent market moves attempting to identify if and when the market may be likely to turn lower or contract.  We’ve been pouring over all types of various data from numerous sources and have concluded the following is the most likely outcome for when […]
  • Technical Analysis and Rates Unchanged – Here We Go August 6, 2018
    The US Federal Reserve is one of the only central banks to attempt to raise rates consistently over the past few years, has possibly learned a very valuable lesson – no good comes from raising rates to the point of causing another market collapse.  The news that the US Fed will leave interest rates where […]
  • US Stock Market Sector Breakouts Taking Place July 31, 2018
    Now is the time for traders to really pay attention to the rotation in the US Stock market as well as the continued price rotation in certain sectors.  As we have been warning for the past few months, this really is a stock pickers market.  Take a minute to review our past articles highlighting these […]
  • Q2 GDP vs. Technology Concerns vs. Foreign Markets July 31, 2018
    This past week has been very interesting in the US markets for a couple of reasons.  It is time we took a hard look at what to expect going forward and how this news will likely drive future market moves. First, the Q2 GDP number came in as a huge boost to the US economy […]
  • Foreign Currencies Show Massive Volatility/Rotation Setup July 24, 2018
    Our research team has been watching the foreign currency markets with great interest.  Recently, the strength of the US Dollar has put extended pressures on many foreign currencies.  The recent crash of the Chinese Yuan has alerted many traders to the concerns that China could be edging over the precipice in terms of debt and […]
  • Proprietary System Shows Rally Could Extend Higher July 22, 2018
    The following Weekly charts are illustrations of one of our proprietary price modeling systems that shows trends, market breadth and much more.  We use this almost exclusively on longer-term (Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly charts) to help us understand where longer-term support and resistance levels are, where the market ranges are truly important and to determine […]