A Trading Strategy That Makes Sense
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My focus is on trading short-term swing trades that last 1-6 weeks. This allows us to take advantage of quick explosive price movements in the market along with trends to provide a steady stream of trades each year. These wave-like patterns are too small for hedge funds to take advantage of and are too lengthy for day traders. This provides us with a sweet spot in the market coupled with my unique and proven forecasting technique giving us a “winning edge”, which we can take full advantage of.

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Market Predictions That Work

How many times have you heard, “You can’t predict the markets”? If that were actually true, few people would ever capture profits from the markets, and trading institutions wouldn’t employ rooms full of analysts handsomely paid to read the charts, and crunch numbers all day long. In truth, big money players “smart money” treats what they know (future price direction) like a poker game, and more now than every before.

Every since the 2008/09 crash stock market liquidity has falling meaning there are fewer shares available to buy and even worse, fewer buyers out there willing to buy your shares when you want to sell. So the big money players have to bluff and head fake the public to in hopes you think prices are going the opposite direction thus you will be buying or selling shares to the “smart money” just as they wanted and need you to do.

The good news is that they can’t hide what they are doing from highly trained analysts like myself. I can uncover big money activity brewing just below the surface. My forecast anticipates, rather than explains in hindsight, key turning points that are developing and where institutional money is moving. That’s critical information you need to know before you invest any more of your hard-earned trading capital.

You won’t see these kinds of predictive
results anywhere else.

I uncover both minor and major cyclical trading patterns they adhere to, showing you where big money is going, and how long it will take them to get there!

You’ve likely had a glimpse of how my forecasting trading strategy works already from the video above. Look back on your price charts and take note of how most rallies fail to make new highs – above previous highs – during bear markets. Those rallies failed because institutional traders use each successive rally to sell into that strength at better prices.

Through the use of inverse exchange-traded funds, we can generate profits when the stock market or commodities fall in value. This means we don’t really care which way the markets are moving, we just want upward or downward price action.  These inverse funds rise in value as the underlying investment fall, and because prices always fall quicker than they rise, big profits can be made quickly during these times. So if you want your trading accounts to grow faster than you thought possible when everyone else is losing money, join my newsletter and group of like-minded traders today!

Alternatively, those same traders do their buying during market “dips”, when slightly lower prices occur on a regular, almost scheduled basis, during a longer term rising trend.

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