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Gold, Silver & Energy Commentary Update Wed Morning

PRECIOUS METALS  February gold closed higher on Tuesday due to short covering as it consolidated some of Monday’s decline. The high-range close sets the stage for a steady to higher opening on Wednesday. Despite today’s rebound, stochastics and the RSI have turned bearish signaling that a short-term top might be in or is near. Closes […]


Shiny Gold Stocks and Slippery Oil Prices

Gold prices shot up on Friday as investor’s move their money into a safer investment as the broad market continued it crash the day before breaking the October bottom. Once the price of gold climbed over the $760 mark which was a short term resistance level the price shot higher as new buyers jumped in […]


Spot Gold Price Charts

Today was another one of those great days for trading the spot gold price using the free intraday charts by Kitco. I’m not sure if anyone watches the free Kitco 24 Hour Spot Gold Price Chart, which is shown below, but I watch it like a hawk. It doesn’t take long to get a feel […]

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Investment Consulting – Stock Chart Analysis

Stock charts analysis is something that most advanced traders and investors know something about but ordinary brokers and financial advisors don’t even look at. Most individuals use local broker, financial advisor, friend or family member to help with stock investments but generally these people do not use stock chart analysis to see if the stock […]


Gold Signals Gone Wild!

Gold Newsletter Signals – This week gold signals are popping up everywhere in our collection of gold exchange traded funds. This is a quick gold sector updated on the current price action of some of the best gold exchange traded funds. How to Find Low Risk High Return Gold Signals First step is to have […]

DZZ Gold ETN – How to Short Gold by Going Long

DZZ Double Gold ETN is a relatively new way to take advantage of gold price action. This gold fund provides double the movement that the GLD ETF or the price of gold does, providing bigger opportunities in the gold sector. I have just recently started to use DZZ ETN for trading and have found it […]

Gold ETF – The Gold ETF Experience

GLD Gold ETF – Taking advantage of the gold market using the GLD exchange traded fund to generate consistent profits in any market condition. As I mentioned before, the past 5 months have been very frustrating for most traders as we are stuck in this sideways price action. I also noted that August to December […]

Gold Investment Fundamentals and the Transfer of Capital

The Secular Bull Market in Gold Investments corresponds directly to the Secular Bear Market in Financials. We explain why this trend will continue and why a short-term buying opportunity in Gold presents itself. Central Banks are in all sorts of a pickle. With overwhelming evidence that the global economy is slumping badly: * UK Retail […]

The Gold ETF Experience

Gold ETF Trading – Taking advantage of the gold market using the GLD ETF to generate consistent profits in any market condition. Gold’s price action in the past 5 months has frustrated many traders. Especially those who have difficulty making money during consolidation periods which are in. The past couple months are consistently the weaker […]