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A Move You May No Think Is Even Possible is Unfolding!

We can’t believe how so many people did not see this upside price swing setting up over the past few weeks.  The research we conducted over the past few months was showing us a very clear picture that the US markets would advance in a dramatic format after settling a price bottom after the early […]

If You Knew What We Knew…

Since before the start of 2018, we have been relying on our advanced predictive modeling systems, technical analysis and our understanding of the capital markets to help our members take advantage of the incredible price swings in 2018.  For those that have been following our calls, we’ve pretty much nailed every market turn over the […]

US Majors Setup Massive Bottom Confirmation Pattern

On Wednesday, May 2, we issued a research post supporting our position that the markets were nearing an apex breakout and that critical support and resistance levels had established within the market.  We indicated that volatility is usually quite high throughout these apex breakout moves with the potential for a “wash-out” price rotation in the […]

Technical Trader Accurately Predicted Market Drop & Rally

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been telling our members and the general public that the markets have established a bottom and that prices should begin to advance near the week of May 7th and beyond.  Many people may have been skeptical of our analysis, given that so much market noise is out there and that […]

US Dollar Cycle Rotation To Boost Oil

Our recent analysis of the US Dollar has presented a very unique and interesting setup for traders – an opportunity for a general commodity rally with Oil leading the way. Taking a look at this Daily chart of the UUP (US Dollar Index Bullish Fund) with our Advanced Dynamic Learning Cycles price modeling system applied […]

Platinum Price Cycles Predict Big Upside Move

I wanted to take a moment to alert everyone to a price cycle setup that may turn out to be one of the most dramatic price moves we’ve seen since 2008. The metals markets have recently made some news by breaking to new recent price highs. This price move prompted a number of major firms […]

Preparing For The Next Move

Over the past few weeks and months, we have been writing to all our members that this next move should be massive in the US majors.  We have been very clear in our analysis and have shown the price action identified as the highest probability outcome with our Advanced Dynamic Learning (ADL) price modeling system.  […]

The Markets Most Impacted By A Rising USD

With the USD on an uptrend for at least the short term we need to consider what markets will be impacted the most. Sometimes the USD has a strong inverse correlation to certain commodities and other times it doesn’t seem to matter. Chris Vermeulen, from The Technical Traders website, joins me to shares his thoughts […]

Yesterdays Trade Has Rallied $4.42 a Share – Now What?

Yesterday we shared the chart of our underlying asset for our trade setup, and below is a chart of the ETF we entered and it has jumped over 6.6% or $4.42 a share already! YESTERDAYS TRADE SETUP CHART IN THE UNDERLYING ASSET   OUR TRADE ENTRY, RALLY, AND PROFIT TAKING TARGET REACHED! We are preparing for another […]

Trade Setup & Last Research Posting Announcement!

Want to see the new trade that was issued today for TheTechnicalTraders.com members and take advantage of this opportunity, then do yourself a favor and sign up for our QUARTERLY membership so you can see how we help our members generate profits and stay ahead of the markets every week also! RESEARCH POSTING ANNOUNCEMENT After careful consideration […]