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4 Key Markets At Levels Not Seen In 3 Years

Chris Vermeulen, Founder of TheTechnicalTraders.com joins met today to look at the markets that are breaking out in early 2018. The USD, oil, copper, and treasuries are all at levels not seen since 2014. Plus as Chris notes the precious metals are also very close to breaking out which could be the final push to […]

If You Own Bitcoin This Rotation Causes Concern

Recent downside price rotation in Bitcoin has caused quite a bit of concern for Crypto traders and investors. This recent breakdown move represented a failure of continued strength and has, and still is, testing critical support for a bottom. READ FULL ARTICLE – CLICK HERE

Index Trend Trade Setups for the SP500 & NASDAQ

Over the past few weeks, we have been writing about our US major price predictions for the beginning of 2018 and how they have played out.  If you have been following our analysis, you have already learned that we predicted a 3~5% price increase in early January 2018 for most of the US major equity […]

Stock Market Forecast For Next Week Jan 22-26

Continued moderate bullish price action in the US majors with the VIX dropping right on queue and markets popping (pure sentiment call).  Gold and Silver pushed higher today while Oil contracted.  The NQ is still pushing into the range of our upper boundary with moderate bullish price action.  The The DOW closed +53.91 (+0.21%), the […]

How to Trade Gold During Second Half of January

Metals are setting up for that “Rip Your Face Off Rally”.  The following charts for Gold and Silver show a very interesting setup that is unfolding as the US markets continue to strengthen – that being that the Metals are showing strength in price and we can only assume this is related to some level […]

Intraday Price Prediction Setup for Short-Term Traders

Tuesday morning in our video forecast we warned that cycles were pointing to lower prices today. With price reaching the 2800 level on the SPX (resistance) and stocks trading in extreme overbought conditions with the morning gap higher this pullback has played out almost perfectly today. We do expect more selling into tomorrow based on […]

How to Know If This Rally Will Continue for Two More Months?

Our research has been “spot on” with regards to the markets for the first few weeks of 2018.  We issued our first trade on Jan 2nd, plus two very detailed research reports near the end of 2017 and early 2018.  We urge you to review these research posts as they tell you exactly what to expect for the first […]

Oil Trading At A 3 Year High, Now Where?

The Technical Trader Chris Vermeulen is with us today to share his thoughts on the oil sector. With crude over $62/barrel this is a level we have not seen since late 2014. The recovery has been slow for oil but it has built a nice base which typically results in a more powerful rally. Chris […]