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Yesterdays Trade Has Rallied $4.42 a Share – Now What?

Yesterday we shared the chart of our underlying asset for our trade setup, and below is a chart of the ETF we entered and it has jumped over 6.6% or $4.42 a share already! YESTERDAYS TRADE SETUP CHART IN THE UNDERLYING ASSET   OUR TRADE ENTRY, RALLY, AND PROFIT TAKING TARGET REACHED! We are preparing for another […]

Trade Setup & Last Research Posting Announcement!

Want to see the new trade that was issued today for TheTechnicalTraders.com members and take advantage of this opportunity, then do yourself a favor and sign up for our QUARTERLY membership so you can see how we help our members generate profits and stay ahead of the markets every week also! RESEARCH POSTING ANNOUNCEMENT After careful consideration […]

US Dow & Majors Setting Up For A Massive Move

Here at Technical Traders Ltd., our inbox has been full of questions from followers regarding the recent market rotation and concerns about another downside move. We understand trading is an emotional process and that fear and anxiety often play a very big role in decision making – we get it.  So, before the markets open for trading […]

Precious Metals and Mining Stock Chart Paint A Clear Picture

In this article, we are going to explain and show you an interesting pattern that has been slowly forming over the past year in the precious metals sector. This pattern along with our analysis point to a significant rally to start in the next 4 months for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and miners. Before we […]

How to Trade Indexes with Fibonacci

One very important component of the continued research we, www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, conduct into price, price patterns and price rotation is the study and application of Fibonacci price modeling.  As you have seen with some of our other charting and modeling tools, we have invested a great deal of time and energy to create useful price modeling […]

US Dollar Soaring With Eagles, What Does it Mean?

Natural gas making a quick, unexpected setup and move. Equities finally show fear and panic today for a pivot low to be in place. The dollar continues to climb while all other currencies fall.                  

Silver gives us another chance to accumulate and buy

Our recent silver analysis could not have been more accurate.  Please take a minute to read it before you continue reading the rest of this post if you have not already done so. The Silver price breakout, to near $17.20, last week was incredible.  It established a new Fibonacci price trend, established a downward channel […]

Transportation Stocks Are Not Moving and What It Means

Pay attention to the price movement of the transportation sector for a clearer picture of the future rally If you have been reading and following are posts this year then you’ve seen the power of our Advanced Dynamic Learning price modeling system and how well we are able to find key market moves.  On Monday, the markets […]

Predictive Modeling Is Calling For A Continued Rally

We are constantly amazed that our Advanced Dynamic Learning (ADL) price modeling system has been incredibly accurate over the past 7+ months.  Our researchers, at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, called the early 2018 rally weeks in advance.  We called the resistance levels and top in late January.  We called a February 21~27 market top formation, called the market […]